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What Can Player Support Assist You With?

Player Support tries to assist you with all issues and concerns. However, there are a few cases where that's not possible.

As of Update 5.0, Player Support is no longer handling requests based on the old "Four (4) exceptions per year". Whenever possible, we will help out.

Player Support can help you with:

  • Reversing the following actions:
    • Gold to Silver conversions
    • Premium and Mercenary Vehicle restorations
    • Consumables purchased using Gold
    • Garage slots not included within a tank bundle
    • Purchase of Premium time (must not have any battles played)
    • Unused Premium vehicles (must have less than 5 battles played)
  • Restoring any Premium tank sold before July 21
    • This is valid only until November 1, 2020
    • All tanks sold after July 21 can be restored in-game
  • Crediting Hero Crew you may not have received
    • A ticket must be placed under the billing department
  • All in-game technical issues
  • General questions regarding game mechanics
  • Compromised accounts
    • Please note: Player Support cannot always fully restore the account, but will always restore what is technically possible

Player Support is unable to assist you with:

  • Restoring any Premium vehicle sold after July 21, 2020.
    • This can be done in-game.
  • Restoring any Premium vehicle sold at any time after November 1st 2020.
  • Account-related issues, except for compromised accounts.
  • Sold basic Tech Tree Vehicles (these can be repurchased from the Tech Tree).
  • Revert any accidental purchase or buyout for any contract.
  • Any Premium tank traded-in.
  • Actions regarding crew and/or Crew XP.
  • Used Experience or Research.
  • Converting Vehicle XP to Free XP.
  • Actions prior to January 1 of the current year, except for vehicle restoration as noted.
  • Garage, Hangar, or Port slots bundled with Vehicle bundles.
  • Camouflage, inscriptions, or emblems bought using Gold or Silver.
  • Refund of any gift sent to another player.
  • Refund of any War Chest bundle.