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How Do Operations Work?

What Are Operations?

Operations are extra missions that can be completed to earn boosts in-game.  These extra missions are located within the "Ops" tab in your Garage.  Operations are only available for a select time, so be sure to check how long each one is available.  Once time is up, you will not be able to continue progress and the Operation will be removed from the menu.

Ops Garage Tab

How Do Operations Work?

All Operations will appear under the "Ops" tab within your Garage.  A tanker can work on up to 3 Operations at a time.  Active Operations will appear highlighted in Grey, while Inactive Operations will be shaded a Dark Grey.  Additional messaging of an Active or Inactive Operation is also provided at the top right corner of each Operation.

Please note that in order to gain the reward for an Operation; the Operation MUST be marked Active at the end of the battle.  In other words, your tank must return to your Garage while the Operation is Active.  Changing an Operation while a tank is still marked "In Battle" will result in you missing out on any earned rewards.

Operations Menu Screen

Sometimes, a Bonus Operation will be offered, which will be highlighted in Gold.  These Operations will be automatically Activated and will not count as one of the three player chosen Operations.

Should you decide to deactivate an Operation prior to completing it, the progress you have made will not be lost.  You can switch Operations around as much as you like, however, please be aware that all Inactive Operations will not gain any progress, so be sure to re-active them when you are ready to continue.

You can find the number of times each Operation can be completed to the right of the Operation's name.  Once an Operation has been completed, a check mark will appear in the box next to the Operation description.  

When an Operation is repeatable, the check mark will only appear once the daily limit has been reached.

List of Reward Icon Meanings




Premium Time

Crew Experience

Tank Experience

Large First Aid Kit

Large Repair Kit

Automatic Fire Extinguisher