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How to Recruit or Dismiss a Crew

There are currently two instances in which you can recruit a Crew:

  • Purchasing a new tank
  • Selecting an empty tank with no Crew (tanks that have had their Crews transferred out or dismissed will have no Crew)

When purchasing a Crew the player has a number of options in terms of proficiency level:

Tank Academy

At the cost of 1,000 Gold, this option trains a crew to training level 100%.

 Regimental School

At the cost of 100,000 silver, this option trains a crew to training level 80%.

 Rapid Courses

This option is free, and trains a crew to training level 50%, which is the minimum level that a crew can be at. The percentage of XP awarded is a result of the crews training, a crew that goes through Rapid Courses is less proficient than a crew that goes to the Tank Academy. This is why no crew starts at training level 0. All tanks currently in the Garage, will start with however much Crew XP has been accumulated since the original purchase of the tank until the tank goes through Crew training

The prices for choosing to train your Crew through Tank Academy or Regimental School is scaled based on the tier of tank being ENTERED and has an additional 10% cost if Crew is changing classes.

The Crew Barracks

The crew barracks will be located through the Tank Upgrade Menu for each tank in your Garage. The barracks will display all of the Crews that you currently possess, even if they are not in a tank.

From here, you are able to do the following:

  • Assign a Crew 
  • Train your Crew
  • View and Select Perks/Skills
  • Dismiss Crew 

When selling a tank with your Crew still inside, your Crew will automatically be deposited into your barracks.

Please note that you will not be able to retrieve your Crew should you dismiss it!

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