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Frequently Asked Questions - PlayStation 4

Will there be a Beta, and how do I participate?

We intend to be in Beta by the end of 2015. Be sure to visit and register to be the first to know when the Beta will take place.

Can I transfer my Xbox progress over to PlayStation®4?

We are not able to support migration of any Xbox progress to the PlayStation®4 at this time.

Will I be able to play against Xbox 360 and Xbox One players from the PlayStation®4?

No. Gameplay on PlayStation®4 is specific to the platform. Xbox 360 and Xbox One players will continue to engage cross-platform multiplayer between those two consoles.

Can I create an account on both platforms with the same username?

Yes, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are entirely separate from each other..

For the Xbox platforms (Xbox 360 and Xbox One) your username is the same as your Xbox Live gamertag. For PlayStation®4 your username is the same as your PlayStation ID. Therefore, you technically can have the same username on both platforms if you are able to register them with the platforms.

Where can I get the latest information for World of Tanks on the PlayStation®4?

Please visit and register to be the first to know new information on the PS4 including new player guides, tips and tricks, weekly events, promotions and upcoming activities such as Beta timing, etc.

In addition, the World of Tanks Console social media channels will contain information for both Xbox and PS4 content. These can be found at the following:

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