How to Play: Medium Tanks

Medium tanks are a common sight in World of Tanks due to their versatility. They are mobile enough to traverse the battlefield, have decent armor to survive a few skirmishes and come equipped with dangerous armament. Medium tanks are designated with theicon.

What Makes a Medium Tank?

Like we said: versatility! Medium tanks are a natural bridge between the light and heavy tank. While medium tanks tend not to excel in any one statistic, their adaptability and jack-of-all-trades nature means that they're an essential part of every team.

Slower than light tanks, but faster than a heavy!

Medium tanks vary in armor thickness, but for the most part, they are unsuited for prolonged, frontal engagements with the enemy team. They do excel in out-maneuvering slower tanks and vehicles without a turret.

To make up for their lack of armor, medium tanks have decent speed and relatively quick reload times. While their damage-per-shot doesn't compare to those of hard-hitting heavy tanks and tank destroyers, their potential damage-per-minute output is suprisingly high.

Know your role and shut your hatch

When entering a battle, take a look at the make-up of your team and try to determine your battlefield role.

Meeting of the minds

For medium tanks, this is a little more difficult, as your role could change from one battle to the next. At times, your role might even change multiple times within the same battle depending on the scenario, the map and what tanks are left in the fight. These situations often call for a quick change of tactics for a chance at victory.

Play to your strengths

One of the first things to consider before heading into battle is the attributes of the tank you bring to the fight. Savvy tankers will play to the vehicle's strengths and find ways to be effective.

Make use of your mobility

Know your strengths:

  1. Armor
  2. Mobility
  3. Gun and ammo penetration values

Medium tank armor is not terribly weak, but you should develop a habit of not relying on it. Depending on the armor thickness and slope, certain medium tanks will be better suited than others at close engagements.

Some medium tanks, like the V флаг  Pz.Kpfw. III/IV   and VI флаг  Cromwell , have speeds that rival that of light tanks, while others, like the IV флаг  Matilda , are the complete opposite. With this class especially, your mobility will play a large part in determining what type of tactics are viable in a battle. If you are rolling in a slower medium, you will be significantly less effective at flanking and hit-and-run confrontations. Faster medium tanks should use their speed to avoid head-on attacks, and instead attempt to flank to distract the enemy team.

Medium tanks come in a variety of speeds, and so too the weapons available. British guns, for example, tend to be rapid-firing with high penetration values, while Chinese guns are quite the opposite. Medium tanks that are armed with quick firing guns are better suited at taking "peek-a-boo" shots, while others armed with slow-firing guns should look to play more as support.

Versatility is key

As your team fans out in the early stages of battle, take note of where most of your team is heading, and stay alert of what side might need to be reinforced. The life of a jack-of-all-trades tank is never dull.

Active Scout

If light tanks are lacking on your team, and your medium tank is fast on its tracks with decent view range, then it is recommended you step into the Scouting role

Medium tanks are often the scouts of the team in high-tier battles

This specialized role requires you to stay out of the main fight and set up shop at a concealed vantage point to detect the enemy as they come within your view range. Scouting is a role where your primary focus is to detect enemies for your allies, especially for tank destroyers and artillery, and have your allies deal damage while you silently observe. Firing your gun as a scout should be kept to a minimum, as it could reveal your position and expose you to enemy fire.

Support Role

Another common scenario is when there is a lack of heavy tanks on your team. When this is the case, well-armored medium tanks should step into the Supportive role with the main bulk of your team; where you're involved in a firefight but aren't the primary focus of the enemy. Although you'll need to be part of the offensive "fist", it's still advised to avoid sustained enemy fire by hiding behind tougher armored allies or using nearby objects as cover. These firefights are often the toughest to come out alive, but they are also the most thrilling!

Tougher-armored mediums can venture to the front if needed

In an ideal situation, there should be an even distribution of light and heavy tanks on your team, which will free you from being a Scout or Support.

The Mighty Wolfpack

A popular tactic amongst tankers is the Wolfpack -- roaming in a groups of two or more and overwhelming lone or slower foes. Sticking with other mediums tanks (or light tanks / mobile tank destroyers), wolfpacking requires coordination and committment to the assault. Hold your fire while outflanking and once the wolfpack has the enemy surrounded, let loose a coordinated volley and watch enemy steel bend and break!

A coordinated wolfpack assault can lay waste to unsuspecting enemies

Remember, you might be required to fill many of these roles in the same battle. Keep your eye on the progress of your team and pay close attention to the mini-map! Being aware of what is taking place elsewhere on the map is invaluable. If you note that your allies are taking heavy losses in an engagement, you can either move to assist from a flank or attempt a strong assault elsewhere to divert enemy attention. The choice is yours!