A Legendary XP Bonus With an Epic Free XP Conversion Bonus!

A Legendary XP Bonus With an Epic Free XP Conversion Bonus!

January 28, 2021

Get more XP on your first win with every tank and enjoy the Free XP conversion bonus!

29 JAN
11:01UTC Time
9:59UTC Time

Want to go further and make your tanks as powerful they can be? Then this is your weekend, Commander! Log in and roll out to take advantage of two special offers:

+400% First Win XP Bonus

Get +400% XP on your first win with EVERY tank you play all weekend! You’ll master the Tech Trees in no time with this bonus!

And if that wasn’t enough….

Free XP Conversion Bonus

It’s back… and not for long!!!! Take advantage of this LEGENDARY 1 Gold: 35 Free XP Conversion bonus to maximize the Free XP you can use to upgrade ANY Tech Tree tank! This is the time! DON’T MISS OUT!

See you on the battlefield!

Note that a +400% XP multiplier is the same as our previous x5 XP bonus! Getting +400% XP for your first win means that in addition to your regular battle XP for that match, you’ll also receive a 400% XP bonus, or 4x that battle XP amount. In other words, for your first win, you’ll get your battle XP multiplied by a factor of five (one as regular battle XP and then four more as a bonus).