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Xbox/PS4 Crossplay!

July 21, 2020

Crossplay is Here!

Enable Crossplay on XBOX

Here are the steps to enable/disable Crossplay for Xbox One:

  1. Press the Xbox One Home Button
  2. Go all the way to the right to “System”
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. While having the “Account” menu highlighted (it’ll be highlighted by default when you first enter the System menu), select “Privacy & online safety”
  5. Select “Xbox Live privacy”
  6. Select “View details & customize”
  7. Select “Communication & multiplayer”
  8. In the “You can play with people outside of Xbox Live” section, select “Allow”/”Block”
    1. NOTE: This is set to “Allow” by default

Enable Crossplay on PlayStation 4

Here are the steps to enable/disable Crossplay for PS4:

  1. Log in to World of Tanks
  2. Head to the Garage
  3. Press Start
  4. Go into the “Options” menu
  5. Go to the “Game” tab
  6. Check/uncheck “Crossplay”
    1. NOTE: This is set to “Allow” by default

Crossplay + Platoons, Friends, and Reporting

Friend ID

In order to allow support of cross-network friends, all players will be assigned a Friend ID. This can be found in the upper-right corner of your Platoon menu.  Your Friend ID is what you will give other players in order for them to add you to their Friends list.  Make sure you give your Friend ID only to friends.

Friend ID 1
Friend ID 1
Friend ID 2
Friend ID 2

Platform-Specific Tab

The first tab in your Platoon menu will display players specific to your platform and will be called Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

To add a player from your Platform to your Friends list, highlight the player you wish to add and press “X” (Xbox) or “Square” (PS4). That player will be added to your Friends tab.

Friends Tab

The Friends tab will allow you to see all of your friends from both networks. To add a player from your Friends tab, press “X” (Xbox) or “Square” (PS4) to add the player.  The on-screen keyboard will now be displayed, and you will need to enter the Friend ID of the player you want to add.

Invites Tab

In the Invites tab, you will be able to see invites sent to you from other players.

Blocked Tab

Here you will see a list of players that you have blocked. Players who are blocked won’t be able to send or receive an invite. And just in case you blocked a player by mistake, you will be able to unblock a player by highlighting their name and selecting “Unblock.”


During a match, you can open up the overview map. From here you can select a player and press “Y” (Xbox) or “Triangle” (PS4). Doing so will open the following options:

  • Gamer Card
    • If the player is NOT on the same console as you, you will not see this button at all.
  • Mute
    • When a player is muted, the button becomes “Un-mute.”
  • Add Friend
    • If this person is already a friend, you will have the option to remove a friend.
  • Report
    •   Select this to report the player.
  • Block
    • Select this to add the player to your Blocked list.
  • Offensive Names
    • Each platform has different profanity filters for offensive names. If a player on another network has an offensive name according to your platform’s rules, the player’s Gamertag/PSN ID will be asterisked out.
  • Reporting a Player
    • The “REPORT” option will be available anywhere that a name can be interacted with.
    • When a player selects “Report,” they are presented with generic options:
      • Bad Language
      • Unsporting Behavior
      • Cheating
      • Harassment

Crossplay and Clans

Clans are one of the strongest community features in World of Tanks, and with the introduction of Crossplay, we wanted to optimize this feature.

For Crossplay, Clans will now be platform-agnostic and the Xbox and PS4 Clans will be merged into a single Clan system. If it is found that two clans share Clan Names and/or Clan Tags during the merge, the active clan that was created first will retain its Clan Name and/or Clan Tag. The other clan will have its Clan Name and/or Clan Tag randomized.

  • The portal empowers Clan leaders to change their Clan Tag and Clan Names at will for free.

Identifying players on a different console

  • A Console Icon will be next to the names of players who are on a different console except during battle on the in-game HUD.
  • Players without a Console Icon are on the same platform as you.
  • Icon:


Q: Which World of Tanks: Console servers will be available for Crossplay?

A: All current servers will support Crossplay!

Q: How can I switch between servers?

A: The process of switching servers will remain unchanged. Players can switch servers when launching the game at the very beginning, or access the “Switch Server” feature in the Options menu.

Q: Will Crossplay affect queue times?

A: Indeed. Crossplay will allow for faster queues times for players to enjoy fast tanking action!

Q: Can I opt out of Crossplay?

A: You certainly can! Do note that opting out of Crossplay will cause matchmaking to take longer, as the player queue will be smaller.



Q: How would I know when other tankers are playing on an Xbox or a PS4?

A: Tankers playing on other platforms will have an icon next to their player name.

Q: Can I opt out from showing which console I play in while I’m in the game?

A: No. Player console icons will be displayed on-screen at all times.

Q: Can I customize my Friend ID number?

A: No.

Q: Will other modes besides “Multiplayer” will support Crossplay? 

A: All modes will support Crossplay.

Q: Will World of Tanks Clans be able to support tankers from Xbox and PS4?

A: You bet! Clans will support players from any platform! Get recruiting now!

Q: Will platoons be able to support Xbox and PS4 Commanders combined?

A: Platoons will support players from any platform. There is a new cross-platform Friends list where platoon invitations can be sent from. Platoon options will remain unchanged.

Q: Can I send gifts to an Xbox friend if I am on PS4? Or vice versa?

A: Unfortunately, cross-platform gifting is not supported at this time.

Q: Would I be able to have both Xbox and PS4 players in voice chat?

A: Yes, the voice chat experience is unchanged and supports cross-platform voice.  Please note voice chat will be the only method of communication between players. Messaging will not be supported for Crossplay.

Q: Can I send friend requests to tankers who play on the opposite console?

A: Yes, the player must provide you with their Friend ID in order to send a cross-platform friend invitation. This ID is located in the top right of the player’s Social/Invites menu, accessible from the Garage.

Q: Can I switch Consoles using the same profile?

A: Unfortunately, the player’s game progress is bound to the platform they play on.

Q: How can I report a player for gameplay abuse when he/she is on the opposite console?

A: Players will be able to report other players using the in-game reporting system.

Q: Which consoles support Crossplay?

A: Xbox One and newer Xbox consoles, and PlayStation 4 and newer PlayStation consoles.

Q: What will happen if there is another awesome tank Commander with the same name as me? How will our names display in battle?

A: Both players will exist in the match with their names unchanged. The player that is located on a different platform from the local player will be indicated with an icon next to their name.


If you have any more questions regarding Crossplay, feel free to click here and ask them in our dedicated forum post.