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The War of Clans begins on Xbox!

February 10, 2020

Today marks the first day on the Global Map.

Attention, Commanders!

We are announcing the start of Global Map battles for Xbox players. Register and fight!


Please note: only clan commanders can register their clan!

Not sure how the Global Map works? Read the rules—you’ll find everything you need to know there.


War of Clans phases

Battles for territories will continue for 7 weeks. The War of Clans will have 2 types of phases: the tactical phase and the battle phase. During the tactical phase, clans move their tokens around the map, while in the battle phase, they fight for Bases and Towns.

Tactical phases are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until 16:00 UTC.

Important! If a clan officer doesn’t move a token during the tactical phase, the clan won’t be able to participate in the following battle day.

Battle phases are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings for Europe and North America due to the time zone difference).

Important! On a battle day, after a battle has ended, the clan officer should record its result (victory or defeat) in the bracket. If the result is not recorded within 10 minutes of the battle ending, the clan suffers defeat by forfeit.


Have more questions about the War of Clans? Ask them in the designated Discord channel.

During battle hours, you can contact the coordinators in this Discord channel. Please note: during battle hours, the coordinators will ONLY  answer questions in this channel and won’t read messages sent to other channels.

Good luck in the War of Clans, Commanders! And may the best clan win!