Reminder: A WEEKEND of x5 XP Starts Today!

Reminder: A WEEKEND of x5 XP Starts Today!

July 3, 2020

Enjoy major XP earnings on your first win with every tank you play. It’s a Fourth of July extravaganza!

10:01UTC Time
9:59UTC Time

Commanders! Load up those shells and salute the glory of the rockets’ red glare. In honor of Independence Day in the U.S., we’re giving you a mega XP boost all weekend long!

That’s right: throughout the July 4th weekend, earn an enormous x5 XP on your first multiplayer win with every tank you play!

Make the most of this incredible boost by rolling out in as many tanks as you can to rip the rewards. The more tanks you play, the more XP you’ll earn to get MORE TANKS! There’s no better time to work toward those top-tier tanks you’ve longed to own and lead across the battlefield!

Our x5 XP weekend starts TODAY, so head into battle and get that star-spangled bonus!