Nothing Can Stop the Power of the Winter Warriors!

January 25, 2021

Forged from battle and cold steel!

26 JAN
11:01UTC Time
9:59UTC Time

Make way for the arrival of three new Tanks ready to take over the battlefield like a snowstorm!

Conquer the battlefield with the Soviet Tier IX Object 777 Version II Heavy Tank, the French Tier VIII Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque Medium Tank, and the American Tier X M48A2/T54E2 Medium Tank, available for a limited time only through the Winter Warriors season!

Object 777 Version II

The best warriors are armed and ready, and the Soviet Tier IX Object 777 Version II Heavy Tank is no exception. Thanks to its sturdy turret and sloped frontal armor, the front of this Soviet iron fortress will stay protected as you make full use of its gun’s excellent rate of fire, penetration, and damage.

Gameplay Tip:

Since it uses heavily sloped armor instead of thick plates, the Object 777 Version II has an outstanding combination of defense and mobility, allowing you to remain well protected as you maneuver around the battlefield faster than the usual heavy tank. Its smaller size also makes it harder to hit when taking cover ― ideal for devastating hull-down gameplay on flat terrain. Reinforce your allies’ attacks and deliver the finishing blows!

  • The sloped armor and robust turret offer excellent protection.
  • Its low profile makes it harder to hit compared to taller heavy tanks.
  • Stay close to your allies to avoid flanking attacks.

Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque

Strike hard! The French Tier VIII Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque Medium Tank comes with a deadly two-round autoloader, notable stealth values, and hare-like mobility to turn the tide of battle in your favor. The enemy won’t know what hit ’em.

Gameplay Tip:

Ready to excel at tactical warfare? Assume your spotting position, tag your targets, unleash a quick burst from your autoloader, and make the enemy feel like they’re rolling into an ambush. As a super mobile and stealthy tank, the Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque is best suited to racking up XP by shooting and spotting from a safe mid-range distance.

  • Make use of your autoloader to assist your allies.
  • Earn XP by spotting, tracking, and shooting your enemies’ weak spots.
  • Use its speed and mobility to execute hit-and-run tactics and reposition when needed.


American steel unlike anything else.

With its excellent aim time, accuracy, gun depression, reload speed, AND alpha damage, the American Tier X M48A2/T54E2 Medium Tank is a battlefield classic in the making. Plus, with its exceptional mobility, this vehicle will get you exactly where you need to be quickly and effectively.

Gameplay Tip:

The damage that the M48A2/T54E2 can deal in a minute surpasses the HP values of every medium tank below its tier. In other words: fire at will, Commander! Just make sure you’re “tank-busting” from a safe distance, as its armor is not ideal for frontline combat. However, its accurate and powerful gun, with its excellent depression, makes this an ideal vehicle for thinning enemy numbers and dominating in hull-down combat.

  • The outstanding gun depression will make you the king of the hill.
  • This tank is incredibly easy to play.
  • Get ready to thrive in defensive and assisting roles.