One, Two, THREE! Double Your XP!

March 15, 2021

Complete the Hat-Trick Challenge to get a GIGANTIC XP bonus!

16 MAR
10:01UTC Time
23 MAR
8:59UTC Time

The hat-trick. In certain sports, it’s a series of three accomplishments achieved one after another—scoring three goals, hitting three home runs, you name it. It’s a rare and incredible feat.

Ready to see if you can complete one on the battlefield?!

All this week, you have a chance at the Hat-Trick Challenge. If you can destroy at least three enemy tanks in a single battle, you’ll receive a reward that’s worthy of a champion: a staggering +100% XP bonus for the battle!

Think you’ve got the skills? Then try your hand at it with multiple tanks per day. The Hat-Trick bonus is available once per day per vehicle, so grab all your favorite tanks and get that massive double XP bonus!


Goals Rewards Restrictions
Destroy three enemy tanks in a single battle
  • +100% XP modifier
  • Multiplayer only
  • Available once per day per vehicle