World of Tanks Modern Armor Update Notes – June 29th

June 28, 2021

Update Size:

~14 GB for PS
~15 GB for Xbox

New Features

  • The struggle between the heroic G.I. JOE mission force and the devious operatives of Cobra comes to life in World of Tanks Modern Armor: G.I. JOE!
T-72AV T-72AV
T-72B T-72B
T-72B obr. 1989g T-72B obr. 1989g
T-72B obr. 1989g
T-72BU T-72BU
T-62M-1 T-62M-1

Overlord – World War II Only


Westfield – World War II and Cold War


El Alamein – World War II and Cold War

El Alamein05
El Alamein05
El Alamein04
El Alamein04
El Alamein02
El Alamein02
El Alamein01
El Alamein01
El Alamein03
El Alamein03

Ghost Town – World War II Only


Halfaya Pass (formerly named Skorpion Pass) – available in Custom Games only

Halfaya Pass05
Halfaya Pass05
Halfaya Pass04
Halfaya Pass04
Halfaya Pass03
Halfaya Pass03
Halfaya Pass01
Halfaya Pass01
Halfaya Pass02
Halfaya Pass02
  • A long-awaited featured has finally been introduced back into the game, the Performance and Efficiency Report!
    • To access these new details, go to the Scoreboard tab! If you select any ally or enemy player, you will receive the option to view the detailed Performance stats for that player.
    • If you highlight and select yourself, you will be given two options: Performance Report and Efficiency Report
    • Performance Report
      • Once you have the detailed Performance panel open, you can just scroll up/down/left/right go through each player’s performance details.
      • When looking at your own Detailed Performance, you can also see your current Damage Standing progress towards Marks of Excellence. It will be listed under Additional Stats if the player has an applicable MoE. Otherwise, nothing will show there.
    • Efficiency Report
      • You can only view your own Efficiency Report. Opening this will give you the details about what you did against the specific players that you interacted with on the battlefield.
      • You can use the right thumbstick to scroll up and down to view the full report.
  • The Commander Tab has been overhauled with a host of new features and improvements!
    • You’ll first notice the visual updates to the UI and color scheme. Most notably, the quality of your Commander is now more apparent.
      • Standard Commander: 1-Star Commander with a grey background
      • Premium Commander: 2-Star Commander with a red background
      • Hero Commander: 3-Star Commander with a blue background
    • There are new Commander Filters to easily sort and find your Commanders. Want to see your best Commander? No problem. Select the Elite (9-skill) filter to see the best of the best!
    • Your Commanders now have a new “Appearance” Tab, where you can change the look of your Commander by purchasing additional Skins.
    • Commanders can now also be accessed directly from your vehicle with a new Commander tab within your vehicle options.
    • New indicators have been added to alert you when a Commander has been improved
      • Star indicator appears on the Appearance button when an unclaimed Skin is available.
        • The indicator is cleared when highlighting the unclaimed Skin.
      • Star indicator appears on newly unlocked Skill slots.
        • The indicator is cleared after selecting the new Skill slot.
  • New 3D Commanders are available in the Commander reel.

Improvements and Quality of Life Fixes

  • Tank Filters
    • Added “Commanders” and “Daily XP Bonus” filters.
  • Added the Tanker Rewards display in the Career section in the Profile tab.
  • Player efficiency display no longer disappears after the vehicle has been destroyed.
  • Tank stats in the Profile tab will now show the Damage standing.
  • Additional Stats added to the Detailed Tank Stats display:
    • Earn Rates (Premium tanks)
    • Yaw Limits
    • Shell Type
  • Updated Tech Tree UI with various flow improvements, including:
    • Adjusted tank cards to increase class icon and text visibility
    • Tabbing to the Tech Tree from the Vehicle tab now takes players to the nation of the tank highlighted in the tank reel
    • Cold War Premium Tech Tree now shows Post-War tanks at the bottom and Détente at the top
    • Color coding added to show researched/owned status
  • Added a new player report option called Idle/Bot to report players who don’t move their vehicles during battle.
  • Re-recorded main English VO with an updated script as well as having the Commander be more talkative during battle.
  • Updated Module Stats UI and flow to display more info on locked modules and allow players to navigate to the upgrade menu.
  • Players can now skip the Commander recruitment cutscene.
  • Players can discard ammo selection or return to ammo loadout when the tank is in battle.
  • Locked equipment slots are now displayed in both the Loadout tab and At-a-Glance Vehicle tab tank stats.
  • PBRS: Commander icon size increased for better readability.
  • Improved the dialog when attempting to buy a Season Pass as a gift for a player who already has a Season Pass.
  • Adjusted rumble and camera shake for high ROF weapons.
  • A resupply dialog now appears when players press on Auto-Resupply, allowing them to toggle Auto-Resupply on/off and activate boosters that should be auto-resupplied.
  • Reduced Vehicle tab loading time after exiting the Store tab.
  • When targeting an enemy tank with the mini-map positioned in the lower right corner, the enemy tank panel borders were reversed so as to no longer impact visibility.
  • Co-Op: Human players can now be all assigned to Team 1 or Team 2 instead of being all assigned to Team 1 by default.
  • Co-Op: Improved bot loadout to mirror players’ ammo, Consumables, Equipment, and Commander loadout.
  • Added cost breakdown when respec’ing  Commander skills.
  • The flag of a Commander’s assigned vehicle is now displayed below their portrait in the barracks.
  • Smokescreen Consumable description updated; now mentions that Smokescreen blocks vision and also impedes ATGM targeting.
  • Improved dialog text on Skill slot research to include the number of slots unlocked.
  • Enemy damaged module icons are now bigger to increase readability.
  • Premium Time awarded via Challenges is no longer referred to as a “purchase” in the Log Tab.
  • Speaker icon now appears next to the Gamertag above the tank on the HUD that is speaking to more easily identify who is talking.
  • When looking at a destroyed tank, the info panel above the tank now uses grey text for better readability.
  • Improved the Trade-in purchase flow for better usability.
  • T-72BU: Shtora-1 missile defense system curtains are now opened. (Visual only)
  • Updated the module and crew icons in the bottom left tank info panel on the HUD.
  • Various improvements to the Store UI:
    • New Premium Account Icons
    • New layout and information within Bundles
  • Improvements for the PS5 haptic controller to reduce finger fatigue.

Bug Fixes 

  • Players now receive a “no penetration” indicator when not dealing component or hull damage through spaced armor.
  • Fixed ammo icons disappearing in the HUD during replays.
  • Switching to another tank in replays no longer removes the ammo icons from the HUD.
  • Fixed various string overlap, localization, and truncation issues.
  • “American Female” 3D Commander VO language is now correct for all scripted lines.
  • Cao Bang: Added a physic region volume to block access from climbing edge of map hill where tanks could get stuck.
  • Artillery: Max range stat display now showing correct stats.
  • The inactive “select” button is no longer present in the legend of the ammo loadout screen.
  • Additional earnings from the Enhanced Rations are now correctly displayed in the PBRS or Detailed Earnings screens when no Commander is assigned.
  • PS5: controller outline image now displays in Start Menu > Settings > Controls correctly.
  • When a platoon leader unreadies before other platoon members are back in the Vehicle tab from the queue, the other platoon members are now also unreadied.
  • Fixed issue where players sometimes receive a ‘Friend Invite Accepted’ pop-up despite not having a friend request sent to them and not having accepted an invite.
  • Resolved issue where changing between spectated targets in postmortem could cause the target’s ability timer to reset or copy the value of the target that was previously being spectated.
  • Switching the mini-map type no longer freezes the Attention to Sector icon animation.
  • Free sniper cam gun depression now goes as low as normal sniper cam.
  • Blast Radius ammo stat no longer overhangs the ammo stat background panel.
  • The smoking effect from the Smokescreen Consumables no longer produces a glowing effect in the darker levels.
  • Fixed issue where a Commander would sometimes stand next to a tank they weren’t assigned to in the garage.
  • While in a platoon, the filter now correctly shows tanks available to select from based on the platoon leader’s choice.
  • Damaged module callouts for Optics now correctly display.
  • Manheim Co-Op: Bots no longer get stuck near the aqueduct.
  • Fixed UI display issue where a locked slot and the unlock confirmation screen would show different XP prices when unlocking a skill slot in the Commander menu.
  • Xbox One X: Fixed an issue causing the console to crash.

Tank Balance Changes

  • T-44A
    • Health: 1300 -> 1400
    • Stock chassis terrain resistance: 0.7 / 0.9 / 1.9 -> 0.65 / 0.75 / 1.9
    • View range: 410 -> 425
    • 100mm LB-1 Gun
      • Damage: 250/250/330 -> 320/320/420
      • Reload: 7.1 -> 9
      • Shot dispersion during turret rotation: 0.14 -> 0.12
      • Shot dispersion after shot: 4 -> 3.5
    • 100mm D10T Gun
      • Damage: 250/250/330 -> 320/320/420
      • Reload: 6.8 -> 9
      • Shot dispersion during turret rotation: 0.14 -> 0.1
      • Shot dispersion after shot: 4 -> 3.5
      • Aim Time: 2.5 -> 2.3
  • T-55A
    • View Range: 430 _> 465
    • Camo Factor
      • Moving: 0.205 -> 0.227
      • Still: 0.273 -> 0.302
  • Obj. 165
    • Turret 1 view range: 415 -> 430
    • Turret 2 view range: 440 -> 455
  • T-72
    • Shot dispersion during hull movement/rotation
      • 0.14/0.14 -> 0.12/0.12
    • 125mm 2A26M2 Gun
      • Accuracy: 0.39 -> 0.37
      • Minimum Accuracy: 1.37 -> 1.3
  • T-72A
    • Fixed front turret armor reference: Armor_6 -> Armor_12
  • T-62M-1
    • Replaced the HE Shells with ATGM (Missiles)

Map Balance Changes

  • El Alamein – Multi-Base Assault
    • Moved the North base inside of the city at C7
  • Cao Bang
    • Standard Battle Variant 2 – Moved Team 2 spawn points closer to the middle
    • Team Destruction – Moved Team 2 spawn points closer to the middle
    • Encounter Variant 1 – Removed
  • Fredvang – Standard Battle Variant 1
    • Adjusted Team 2 spawn points slightly southeast
  • Mannheim
    • Standard Battle Variant 2 – Spaced out the spawn points more evenly (World War II only)
    • Encounter – Spawn points now match the spawn location in Standard Battle variant 1
    • Team Destruction – Spawn points now match the spawn location in Standard Battle variant 2