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Update Notes for December 7th

December 6, 2021

Update Size

  • Xbox One: 15.4 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: 6.4 GB
  • PS4: 15.4 GB
  • PS5: 6.4 GB

New Season! British Invasion

The British are coming!

More specifically, history’s greatest British tanks are coming to Cold War mode. To celebrate their emergence on the battlefield, we’ve got a whole new Brit-themed season starting December 7th!

Graphics Update

From the moment you enter the game at the Game Mode screen all the way to when you finish a match on the PBRS, you’ll find updated graphics that unify the look and feel of the various menus and displays.

December 7 Graphics Update 3
December 7 Graphics Update 3
December 7 Graphics Update 2
December 7 Graphics Update 2
December 7 Graphics Update 1
December 7 Graphics Update 1

Updated Garage

  • Setting
    • The setting takes place in a Forward Operating Base (FOB) as your fellow soldiers take a break by a campfire while the sun begins to set.
    • Various elements have been relocated to free up space and allow you to enjoy the garage’s scenery.
  • Boosters Relocated
    • The Boosters display has been added to the Tank Info panel on the right-hand side along with the button prompt to access them.
  • Game Mode and Battle Button
    • Game Mode and Battle buttons have been moved below the tank reel, so you can see all three as you go to enter battle.
    • This helps give the player easy visual confirmation of the tank you have selected and the game mode you are in as you press “Battle.”

Contract System

  • Contracts are back, starting with one of the most devastating presences in upper-tier battles: Chisel! Visit the Contract tab to view and sign the available Contract.

Four Graphically Updated Maps Return to the Battlefield!

  • Lakeville
    • World War II: Tiers III+
  • Thiepval Ridge
    • World War II: Tiers V+
    • Cold War: All Eras
  • Erlenberg
    • World War II: Tiers V+
    • Cold War: Post War
  • Raseiniai
    • World War II: Tiers V+
    • Cold War: All Eras

Map Balance Updates

  • Redshire
    • World War II mode
      • Encounter base location adjusted further to the east
  • Cao Bang
    • Cold War mode
      • Standard battle variant 2 removed
  • Kaunas
    • World War II mode
      • Standard battle variant 2 removed
    • Cold War mode
      • Encounter spawns for the SW team were moved away from the corner
  • Mannheim
    • Cold War mode
      • Adjusted both teams’ spawn locations for Encounter
  • Kasserine
    • Cold War mode
      • Split the north teams spawn into two locations for Standard battle variant 2
  • Steppes
    • Cold War mode and World War II mode
      • Adjusted Team Destruction spawn locations
  • Heilbronn
    • Cold War mode
      • Increased the base circle size and adjusted the positions slightly for Standard battle
  • Cold War PvE Maps
    • Adjusted bot spawn locations on all maps

Tank Balance Updates

  • Cold War
    • M113
      •  106 mm M40 RCLR gun
        • Reload: 8.1 -> 7.5
        • Aim time: 2.3 -> 1.9
        • Accuracy: 0.34 -> 0.32
        • Shot dispersion during turret rotation: 0.14 -> 0.1
        • After shot dispersion: 4 -> 3
      • 106 mm M40A1 RCLR gun
        • Reload: 7.8 -> 7.1
        • Aim time: 2 -> 1.7
        • Shot dispersion during turret rotation: 0.14 -> 0.08
        • After shot dispersion: 4 -> 3
    • PT-76
      • Turret 1
        • Health: 1440 -> 1450
        • Rotation speed: 30 -> 34
        • 76 mm D-56TS Gun
          • Reload: 4.1 -> 3.8
          • After shot dispersion: 3.5 -> 3
      • Turret 2
        • Health: 1440 -> 1650
        • Rotation speed: 34 -> 36
        • 76 mm D-56TS Gun
          • Reload: 4.1 -> 3.8
          • After shot dispersion: 3.5 ->3
        • 57 mm S-60B
          • Reload: 2.7 -> 1.9
          • HE Damage: 105 -> 120
    • M1 Abrams
      • Both guns
        • HE damage: 480 -> 590
    • M8 AGS
      • Both guns
        • HE damage: 480 -> 590
    • M60 ’61
      • 105 mm Gun M68 v2 gun
        • HE damage: 480 -> 570
    • M60A1
      • 105 mm Gun M68 v2 gun
        • HE damage: 480 -> 570
    • M60A1 RISE
      • 105 mm Gun M68E1 gun
        • HE damage: 580 -> 590
    • M60A3
      • 105 mm Gun M68E1
        • HE damage: 480 -> 570
      • 105 mm Gun M68E1 v2
        • HE damage: 480 -> 590
    • Stingray
      • 105 mm L7A3 Rifled Gun
        • HE damage: 480 -> 570
      • 105 mm L7A3 Rifled Gun v2
        • HE damage: 480 -> 590
    • Stingray II
      • 105 mm L7A3 Rifled Gun
        • HE damage: 480 -> 590
      • 105 mm L7A3 Rifled Gun v2
        • HE damage: 480 -> 590
    • T95E3
      • 105 mm Gun T140E3
        • HE damage: 440 -> 480
    • TCM AGS
      • 105 mm Gun M68A1
        • HE damage: 480 -> 590
    • T-72A
      • Turret 1
        • View range: 435 -> 420
      • Turret 2
        • View range: 460 -> 440
    • T-72AV
      • Turret 1
        • View range: 450 -> 430
      • Turret 2
        • View range: 470 -> 450
  • World War II
    • Tanks Reforged – British Tank Destroyers
      • Balance updates for two British tank destroyer lines covering 14 Tech Tree tanks and 4 Premium tanks!
      • View the full article and details HERE.
    • T2 Light Tank
      • Matchmaking: Tier II-IV -> Tier II-III

Tanker Rewards Improvements

  • When you receive your monthly rewards, there will now be a notification that pops up when you first visit the garage after receiving the rewards.
  • You will also receive a Logs tab entry for the rewards localized for your selected language.

Other Improvements

  • Communication radio “Defend the base” icon updated to the circular base icon
  • PBRS now displays tank tier and class on the Efficiency Report
  • Improved the name of the option for changing the mini-map
  • Health bar will now flash while a hull patch kit is active.
  • “Jungle” Camouflages section has been renamed to “Summer”
  • Improved Spanish translations for various Commander skills
  • Map name added to the Map overview display

Issues Addressed

  • “Best in game” labels are now back for the PBRS
  • “Contested” capture message now displays correctly for Encounter mode
  • Abbey: Rock added at H6 to prevent players from getting stuck
  • Addressed an issue where a Commander would display incorrectly on tanks without a Commander
  • Addressed an issue where the Report Player dialog would stay on the screen
  • Addressed an issue where voice chat would stop functioning after changing the console’s privacy settings for communication
  • Addressed GE and FR translations for Grid Location display
  • Autoloaders no longer appear to be loaded during the pre-game countdown
  • Bat.-Chat Bourrasque now uses the correct gun audio with the Skin equipped
  • Bundles purchase buttons now work when using a mouse
  • Challenge reroll text no longer displays on other Challenges
  • Challenger: Addressed radio upgrade progress issue; Camo is no longer faded
  • Consumables and Ammo icons no longer display when spectating an ally under certain circumstances
  • Crew voucher display no longer moves positions after viewing the menu multiple times
  • Custom Games settings text no longer overlaps with the general tab
  • Custom games: Highlight selector no longer disappears under certain circumstances
  • Destroyed tank icons no longer display outside of the circular mini-map display
  • Diamondback: Addressed the scale of the camo pattern
  • Dukla Pass: Addressed collision issue at grid F4
  • El Halluf: Players can no longer access the mountain at J1
  • Gamertag now displays on the upper-right corner of the Launcher screen
  • Gamma slider now has an audio cue when moving the slider
  • Ghost Town: Players can no longer access unintended areas at A8
  • Gold and Key Card bundle now display correctly in the Store when accessed through the What’s New link
  • Heilbronn: Removed trees that were inside of various rocks
  • Improved the FR and JP translations in the loadout menu
  • Jagdtiger 8,8: Now uses the correct tread audio
  • Kasserine: Adjusted the rocks at F7 to prevent players from getting stuck
  • M1A1 Abrams Skin now displays on both turrets
  • M1A1 Abrams treads are now aligned with the drive wheel teeth
  • M46 Patton treads are now aligned with the drive wheel teeth
  • Mannheim shop buildings no longer have an incorrect shadow flicker at certain distances
  • Mannheim: Addressed an issue where a rock was missing its collision in grid A0
  • Mannheim: Removed an invisible collision at B1 that made tanks appear to float in the air
  • MOBAT barrel no longer has a visual obstruction in the barrel
  • Multi-base assault mode text now fits inside the game mode display at the start of the match
  • Object 260: Addressed camouflage scaling
  • Object 752: Addressed camouflage scaling
  • Object 934 driver is now in the correct position
  • Pilsen: Players can no longer access unintended areas at B5
  • Platoon compatibility now stays active unless manually toggled off
  • Platoon leader’s privacy settings are now correctly reflected for platoon members
  • Players can now click the Recruit Commander button using a mouse
  • Prokhorovka: Trees no longer flicker at certain distances
  • Pz. 38H treads are now the correct color
  • Redshire: Addressed a visual issue with multiple boulders around the map
  • Removed the Hide UI option for 2D Commanders
  • Replay button legend no longer displays when viewing the overview map
  • Replays: Tank Status now correctly shows module damage state
  • Scope effect now scales correctly for the different zoom modes
  • Siege Mode transition times now display the correct values during a match
  • Spectator Mode: Base capture notifications and icons no longer overlap
  • Spectator Mode: Button legend text is now larger and aligned
  • Sturmpanzer V: Removed random armor that was inside the tank
  • Super Chaffee tank icon updated to have the same look as other tank icons
  • T-62A: Now uses the correct tread audio
  • T-62M-1 now has the correct crew members and location inside the tank
  • Tank icons no longer get stuck on the screen when spectating an ally in certain circumstances
  • Terrapin: Addressed camouflage scaling
  • Tiger II skin no longer has duplicate emblems
  • Tusk: Roadwheels now have the correct textures
  • Updated the preview icon of the German white camouflage to display the correct pattern
  • Vampiress no longer has a finger that clips into the coat
  • VK 36.01 H Flag is now correctly placed on the turret
  • Waffentrager E-100 no longer has chrome on the edges of the roadwheels
  • When a tank is first detected, it now plays the correct audio beep
  • When previewing a vehicle in the Premium tech tree, the full preview information is now available
  • When switching to missiles, the reload timer now displays the correct reload time
  • World War II favorites now save correctly and no longer reset when you switch game modes
  • Xbox controller now correctly vibrates