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Update 5.0 is coming to the game! Here’s what to expect

July 20, 2020

Update 5.0 is around the corner! Here are some of the content highlights coming to World of Tanks Console. Full Build Notes are available here.

Removing the Base Capture Delay

By popular demand, when capturing a base, there is no longer a delay until the battle ends. Now, once the base is captured, victory will be immediately given to the team that captured the base.

Both the STB-1 and the T95E2 will have Auto-Siege Mode!

Update 5.0 will bring lots of exciting new content, including Auto-Siege mode to the Japanese Tier X STB-1 Medium Tank and the American Tier VIII T95E2 Medium Tank!

These tanks have been updated with hydropneumatic suspensions. When activated, the suspension can change its angle of inclination (up or down) which increases the amount of available gun depression and elevation. The bonus you gain can be seen below:

  • STB-1
    • Gun Depression: 5 degrees
    • Gun Elevation: 6 degrees
  • T95E2:
    • Gun Depression: 3.3 degrees
    • Gun Elevation: 5 degrees

NOTE: The actual bonus in gun elevation/depression you gain from the hydropneumatic suspension depends on the turret’s orientation to the hull. For example, you’ll have the most gun depression if the turret of your tank is pointed forward. If the turret of your tank is pointed sideways, then the benefit it provides will be less! Use this feature in those game situations when it’s important to get a larger angle of gun depression and try to align the position of your turret relative to the hull (or vice versa, try to align your hull position relative to the turret of your vehicle).

Your tank automatically activates/deactivates your hydropneumatic suspension when it reaches certain speed limits, as seen below:

  • STB-1:
    • Siege Mode activates at 10 kph.
    • Siege Mode deactivates at 20 kph.
  • T95E2:
    • Siege Mode activates at 10 kph.
    • Siege Mode deactivates at 20 kph.

Effectiveness of Damage Engine and Knocked-Out Crews

The following changes were made to keep your vehicle’s performance more effective throughout the course of the battle.

  • Effectiveness of damaged engine has been increased from 50% to 60%
  • Knocked-out crew members effectiveness has been increased from 0% to 20%

XP changes (Assist Damage)

Players should be XP credited for their effort on the battlefield which is why we are making changes to the XP given to players during assisted damage.

What does this mean?  When shooting an enemy that is spotted or tracked by another player, the shooter will now receive 100% of the XP earned for the damage dealt instead of only a portion. The player or players who have the enemy spotted or tracked will still receive XP for the assist and their earnings are not affected by this change.


  • Tank A is spotting an enemy vehicle.
  • Tank B can’t see the enemy vehicle by himself.
  • Tank B shoots the enemy vehicle being spotted by Tank A.
  • The damage dealt to the enemy vehicle is worth 100 XP.
  • The tanks will receive the following XP:
    • Tank B: 100 XP (100% of what the damage was worth)
    • Tank A: 50 XP (50% of what the damage was worth for their spot assist)
  • Before the change, Tank B would only receive a portion of the XP instead of the full amount.

Skill Display added to Crews

There is no such thing as too much information! Which is why we want to make sure our Commanders know what they get!

In the Celebration screens where the Commander receives a Crew with skills, the number of skills is now indicated on the celebration screen.


Crew Portrait Swap

Commanders can transfer the portrait, name, and any applicable special VO of one crew to another. This will allow Commanders to swap special crew portraits with well-established crews so they don’t have to retrain special crews from the beginning to use them.

Please note:

  • Skills and Crew XP will not transfer during the swap. The only features transferable are the portrait, VO, and Name.
  • You can’t only transfer one or the other. Both the crew image and the VO will transfer.
  • The swap can only be done with crews of the same Nationality.
  • Crew Customization vouchers can be used to swap portraits!


Do you want to get back a tank you intentionally, or accidentally sold (You know, when your kid got a hold of the controller)? Introducing the Premium Vehicle restoration feature! With update 5.0, players will now be able to buy back Premium tanks they’ve sold via the Tech Tree. These vehicles will be purchasable for Silver at the standard exchange rate (400 silver per 1 gold).  The Silver repurchase price only applies to the Tech Tree. The tank will still cost gold if purchased in a Store Bundle.

IMPORTANT! This only applies to Premium tanks sold after update 5.0. Premium tanks sold prior to update 5.0 will still require a Support Ticket for restoration.

Restoring your tank

  • Tanks that are eligible to be restored in-game will have the Silver currency icon and Cost. Simply highlight the tank on the Tech Tree and purchase as normal.
    • Tetrarch for example:
Restoring your tank 1
Restoring your tank 1
Restoring your tank 2
Restoring your tank 2


  • Re-purchase cost for a tank is the current full cost of the tank at the time of the repurchase, regardless of what the player originally purchased the vehicle for or what it was sold for.
    • This includes any discounts or sales running at the time of restoration.
  • The repurchase price is at the standard exchange rate (400 silver per 1 gold)
    • This includes Premium tanks originally purchased with Free XP.
  • The player must have an open garage slot or a pop-up dialogue will offer purchase of a garage slot if one isn’t available.
  • Tanks that the player used for a trade-in cannot be restored for Silver.
  • Any applicable Vehicle XP on the tank is restored.
    • Please note that Converting XP with Gold can remove the XP from the tank so it may not have any upon restoration.
  • All customization items purchased as “permanent” will be restored (though not equipped), while any items not purchased as “permanent” are NOT restored.
  • All ammo and equipment that was on the tank before it was sold are NOT restored.