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Update 4.13 Patch Notes

February 21, 2020

Update 4.13 is coming to the game! Here’s what to expect!


Please Note: Information is subject to change before the final release of the update.


4.13 Update Sizes

  • Xbox 360: 90.6MB Title Update + 1.11 GB Download
  • Xbox One: 1.3GB
  • PS4: 1.2GB

New Features and Improvements

  • We added a “Default” option to the Audio Tab to reset all game options.
  • We improved the Matchmaker for platoon distribution between the teams.
  • We improved the spam detection for destroyed Commanders so they are blocked quicker.
  • Commanders who didn’t participate in Ranked Battles will no longer receive the “Unranked” pop-up when the season ends.
  • The Team Training room host can now press the Right Trigger to randomize teams.
  • The tank filter will now reset after completing a Contract.


Gifting Improvements:

  • Commanders can now send Gifts from the in-game store in all game modes.
  • Both online and offline friends will now appear on the gifting friend list.
  • Gifts received will now show up in the Logs Tab.

Map Adjustments

  • Rogue Harbor: Removed from Encounter
  • Adjusted the Battle Tier ranges for the following:
    • Ensk and Ensk War: Battle Tiers 3 – 9
    • Mines and Mines Rain: All Battle Tiers
    • Karelia: Battle Tiers 10-11
    • Highway: Battle Tiers 5 – 11
  • Reduced map weighting (frequency) in the Matchmaker:
    • Airfield
    • Arctic Region
    • El Halluf
    • Ensk
    • Great Wall
    • Karelia
    • Malinovka
    • Murovanka
    • Pacific Island
    • Raseiniai
    • Redshire
    • Sacred Valley
    • Sand River
    • Severogorsk
    • Skorpion Pass
    • Thiepval Ridge
  • Increased map weighting (frequency) in the Matchmaker:
    • Berlin
    • Caen
    • Dukla Pass
    • El Alamein
    • Erlenberg
    • Fisherman’s Bay
    • Fjord
    • Heilbronn
    • Hidden Village
    • Highway
    • Kasserine
    • Lakeville
    • Live Oaks
    • Mines
    • Mountain Pass
    • Northwest
    • Pearl River
    • Pilsen
    • Serene Coast
    • Siegfried Line
    • South Coast
    • Swamp

Performance Improvements:

  • We improved the login process so that the garage starts loading at the What’s New screen, allowing Commanders quicker access to their garage
  • We improved the Suspend/Resume process, so Commanders will now automatically log back into the game upon resuming the game
  • We improved the loading time for the tank model after you purchase cosmetics

Replay Browser Improvements:

  • Trending replays will now display up to 300 replays.
  • Friends replays will now display an unlimited amount of replays.

Store Improvements:

  • Commanders can now press RT for “More Tanks” in the Store’s Tanks Tab. This will open the Portal Store to see additional offers.
  • 360 users will see a dialogue to visit the Portal Store for more tanks.

UI Improvements:

  • The “At a Glance” display will now have X’s in the slot where the tank cannot equip that item (if your tank can’t equip camouflage, for example, it will show an X in the camo slot).
  • We updated the ammo icon artwork.
  • Fill animation added to the display for actions that require Commanders to press and hold.
  • The Game Mode screen now displays the start/stop dates for Events.
  • The Convert gold screen now appears when the Commander has insufficient funds to recruit a Crew.
  • Holiday War Chests will now display the crew’s nationality on the reward display.
  • Camo Net description has been updated to show its class-specific bonus.

Bug Fixes


  • “View All Patch Notes” updated to “View Page Link”
  • We adjusted the tank requirements for Slapjack Stage 2
  • The position of the left stick-click icon in the garage has been adjusted
  • Ally and enemy names, as well as their HP info, will appear correctly when observing (observing is when you keep watching the battle after your tank has been destroyed)
  • Exiting the crew menu will now load the originally selected tank
  • Bots now correctly populate low tier battles
  • The Confirm purchase dialogue no longer shows when the supply loadout did not change
  • Consumables are no longer activated upon leaving the overview map
  • Contract time remaining display no longer overlaps the progress bar
  • Contract: Platoon invite button no longer overlaps the Contract info when Free XP buyouts are active
  • Exiting module viewer no longer takes you to the first tank in the garage
  • We fixed the discount tag rounding error for Premium Time
  • We fixed the alignment of the purchase options in the right-side panel of the customization menu
  • The Autoreloader reload bar display has been fixed
  • We fixed the Personal Offer display with the correct text and alignments
  • We fixed various grammatical errors throughout the game in multiple languages
  • Forward Cruise Control and Handbrake are now labeled on the control schemes
  • Free trade-ins will now say “Confirm Trade-In”
  • Going from the Multiplayer garage to the game modes screen triggers audio properly
  • Leaving the queue now triggers audio upon button press
  • Multi-base Assault: We fixed the defending team’s mission text
  • Need more XP dialog box no longer displays two XP Icons
  • Non-dismountable flags now show on the tank model in the Module viewer
  • Options Menu can now be opened when in the War Story select screen
  • Options: Controls Menu now displays the “Default” button when viewing during a match
  • Owned War Chests will now display in the order of highest tier to lowest (Hero → Commander)
  • PBRS: Boost Ops displays now only display Boost Op earnings
  • PBRS: Crew XP button prompt is now in front of the Crew XP icon
  • The personal capture bar now disappears after a successful base capture
  • The Pit Master inscription is no longer cut-off
  • Platoon cooldown is now correctly applied to all platoon members
  • Commander names now correctly scroll in the overview map
  • Proving Grounds: A black bar no longer appears on the left side of the screen
  • Random numbers no longer appear when swapping between Siege modes
  • Ranked Battles: League icon no longer overlaps the Ladder tab leaderboards
  • Scroll arrow indicators added to the Op reward display
  • Siege Mode: Cruise control can no longer be activated in this mode
  • Silver and Gold icons are no longer cut in Operation Complete celebrations
  • Spectator mode: Red Team’s damage indicators are now colored red instead of orange; radial callouts now displayed on the mini-map
  • The orange flag now appears on correct tabs after completing a War Stories chapter
  • The orange flag now appears on the Op Tab upon op completion
  • The reward display will now show the scroll arrows after buying out a contract
  • The turret now works correctly after using a large repair kit
  • The X back button is now displayed on the gifting screen in the O-Enter X-Back controller scheme. (PS4)
  • We updated the camo reel icons for 6 patterns to match the color when displayed on the tank
  • We updated the Season Details text for Ranked Battles
  • War Stories: The coin audio no longer gets stuck playing under certain circumstances
  • You can now continuously cycle through the garage tabs by holding down LB/RB
  • The Reload time for repaired or damaged ammo racks will now increase or decrease by the correct amount


  • Águila HWK 30: We fixed the collision to match its geometry (360); Corrected the name in German
  • Audace: We updated the tank icon in the garage reel
  • Bellerophon: Tank name now correctly scrolls in the crew reassignment screen
  • Bulwark: We adjusted the emblem size so it doesn’t clip into the items on the turret
  • Citadel Tiger I: We adjusted the emblem location to be more visible
  • Cruiser Mk III: We fixed a visual issue with the destroyed treads (360)
  • Draugen: Swedish flag is now removed from the destroyed model. Turret popped model fixed
  • Earthshaker: No longer has a floating emblem on the destroyed model
  • Eradicator: We fixed the MoE position
  • Hellcat: Treads now have texture (360)
  • Hydra: We fixed a visual bug with the destroyed tracks (360); Gun no longer clips into the exhaust; Visual issue with the emblems fixed
  • KanonenJagdPanzer: We fixed the camo scaling
  • Minotaur: We adjusted the position of the Flag pole; The barrel is no longer visible in sniper view
  • Morozko: We adjusted the emblem position, so it’s not blocked by the holiday lights
  • Panther M/10: Camo at a glance now correctly displays the equipped patterns
  • Pz. Kpfw.B2 740: Emblems now mirror correctly
  • Ragnarok: Camera no longer clips inside other tanks; muzzle flash added in gunner and sniper view; engine now plays the correct audio
  • Sturm: Emblems now face the correct direction
  • SU-100: Snow/dirt now properly accumulates on the tank
  • T1 Heavy: Gun barrel is now centered on the turret
  • T22 Prototype: Upgraded turret is no longer off-center
  • T69: Snow/dirt now properly accumulates on the tank
  • Tusk: Now properly accumulates snow
  • Type 59-II: Flag no longer clips into the turret
  • Vanquisher: We fixed a visual issue with the treads (360)
  • VK 28.01: Package name now scrolls
  • Wraith: We updated its position in the Premium Tech Tree


  • Skorpion Pass: Boundary marker now visible at grid A0 (PS4)
  • Widepark: We fixed the collision of the derailed train