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Update 4.12 Patch Notes

November 22, 2019

Update 4.12 is here!


4.12 Update Sizes

  • Xbox 360: 129MB Title Update + 1.19GB Download
  • Xbox One: ~2GB
  • PS4: ~2GB

New Features and Improvements

  • Matchmaker
    • In particular situations, one-sided matches were being created with unfair platoon distribution. To prevent this from happening in the future, we have made adjustments to the matchmaker which should result in better platoon distribution between the teams when possible.
  • Camo at a Glance
    • Based on our players’ feedback, we have added “Camo at a Glance” to the Garage display. This will quickly let you see if your tank has any equipped camouflage, as well as the season and pattern.
  • Aiming Indicator improvements
    • We adjusted the HUD crosshair to more accurately reflect the current status of the weapon’s dispersion. This change affects the 3rd Person, 1st Person, and Sniper view. It does not impact the SPG Strategic View or Trajectory view.
  • Post Battle Results Screen improved
    • When you have a completed an Op, the PBRS will show the bonus amount that the Op earned
  • Game Mode Selector improved
    • Whenever an Event mode is active it will be the default selected mode for the first login.
    • Subsequent logins will default you to the last game mode you played, instead of the active Event mode.
  • Concealment Rating improved
    • The Concealment Rating bar now reflects an increase or decrease in rating whenever camouflage is equipped or removed to reflect the bonus that camouflage provides.
  • AMX65 t
    • We have added a new package, based on our players’ requests.
  • High Caliber Medal improved
    • Based on our players’ requests, shooting an ally will no longer disqualify you from earning the Medal.
  • We adjusted the muzzle flash in sniper view so it’s not as bright. 

Bug Fixes


  • Clouds do not obstruct the players view in Assault mode in Mines when at the edge of the map.
  • The Autoreloader loading screen text now displays correctly for all languages.
  • We’ve removed duplicate maps of Hidden Village and Murovanka in the Team Training map selection.
  • The atmospheric fog in the Garage background no longer disappears when accessing the module or armor view.
  • Event tanks no longer appear in the reel when backing out of the Tutorials screen in Proving Grounds.
  • War Chest reward icons no longer duplicate when opening a chest as a tank returns from battle.
  • Personal messages now display in the correct location when unlocking Ops for the first time.
  • Eagle Eye indicators no longer overlap the range finder distance.
  • The Heist War Story no longer soft locks.
  • We’ve fixed the discount and bonus tags for store items to correctly display.
  • Boost Ops now change colors when they are activated.
  • View Frustum no longer disappears in post mortem when backing out of sniper view.
  • We’ve improved the legibility of the pop-up, “Tip: XP can be converted with Gold”.
  • Op description now scrolls correctly when they are too long.


  • Bellerophon: Fixed the snow accumulation FX.
  • Brazilian Bulldog: Inscriptions are no longer cut off or obscured in inscription slot 2.
  • BT-2: Hubcaps movements are now correctly attached to the wheels, not the hull.
  • Caboose: Camouflage is no longer applied to the spare roadwheel.
  • Centurion Action X: Fixed visual appears of the right side treads.
  • Defiance Matilda: Fixed the Premium tank bonuses in the tank description.
  • Fiat 3000: Smoothed out the barrel model (360).
  • Inferno Chimera: Fixed the tank description.
  • IS-6 Black Edition: Barrel no longer clips into the hull.
  • IS-6: Barrel no longer clips into the hull.
  • Paladin Centurion Action X: Fixed visual appearance of the right side treads.
  • Pershing: Broken tracks no longer clip through the hull.
  • Pz.Kpfw II Ausf. D: Gun no longer clips into the box on the hull.
  • Rover 237: No longer displays floating moon rocks upon destruction.
  • Smoothman: The hole on the underside of the turret is now capped with an armor plate.
  • Striker Kanonenjagdpanzer 105: Improved the visual appearance of the turret hatch.
  • Strv 103B: Improved the visual appearance of the wheels and treads (360).
  • Strv S1: Added the Premium tank bonuses to the tank description.
  • T.A.N.K: Emblems now appear correctly on the tank.
  • T28 Prototype: Tread teeth are no longer inverted (360).
  • The Machine: Fixed the visual appearance of the left side treads (360).
  • Tiger 217: Fixed visual appearance of the right side treads (360).
  • Type 58: Wiggly bits no longer clip into the hull.
  • Type 59: Barrel no longer clips into the rope.
  • Vindicator: Barrel no longer clips into the hull.
  • Wraith: Fixed the destroyed state.
  • WZ-132: Fixed the visual appearance of the whole tank model (360).


  • Mountain Pass: Removed access to an unintended area at grid K3.
  • Ensk: Tank can no longer get stuck in between train carriages at grid E6.
  • Karelia: Removed access to an unintended area at grid H6.
  • Abbey: Removed access to an unintended area at grid E0.
  • Pilsen: Bush no longer floats and the floating gate has been removed at grid G0.