Clan Event: United We Stand

September 9, 2021

It's the golden moment for clan players! Get ready to give us everything you and your clanmates have got!

New battles for supremacy, valuable booty, and glory await. From September 12 through September 26, World of Tanks: Modern Armor is hosting a global clan event—United We Stand.

If you’re not in a clan yet, find one before September 12 and join the fray! Among the rewards: an exclusive Wargaming Approved Emblem and a huge number of Confidential Key Cards!


Dates and Format

12 SEP
21:01UTC Time
26 SEP
20:59UTC Time

Dates of the event:

  • Before September 12, 21:01 UTC: Join a clan (if you haven’t yet).
  • From September 12, 21:01 UTC, through September 26, 20:59 UTC: Take part in the event.

Your objective:

Deal the highest average damage over your 50 most successful battles in Tier VI–X vehicles in World War II mode.

Average damage is calculated by the top 10 clan members.


  • Only tankers who joined their clan before 21:01 UTC on September 12 will contribute to the clan results.
  • Player’s results are counted only for the clan the player joined before the start of the event. If a player changes clan during the game event, their result will not be counted in either the old or the new clan!

Let’s give you an example of how to calculate the average damage.

If a player participates in only one battle during the event and inflicts, for example, 10,000 damage, then the average value of that player’s damage will be calculated by the following formula:

damage / 50 = average damage of the player

In our case, it will be 10,000 / 50 = 200.

If a clan has fewer than 10 members, the sum of their average damage will be divided by 10. For example, if there are seven people in the clan, each of whom inflicts an average of 10,000 damage in 50 battles, then the final result of the clan will be calculated by the following formula:

(number of people in the clan * average inflicted damage) / 10 = average damage of the clan

In our case, it will be (7 * 10,000) / 10 = 7,000.

If you have any questions, please ask them here.


Make your name part of World of Tanks: Modern Armor clan history and get rewards for your efforts:

  • 1st place: 100 Confidential Key Cards and 10 Wargaming Approved Emblems
  • 2nd place: 75 Confidential Key Cards
  • 3rd place: 50 Confidential Key Cards
  • 4th–5th place: 25 Confidential Key Cards
  • 6th–10th place: 10 Confidential Key Cards

Please note: The prize pool is distributed among clan players by the Clan Commander or Deputy Commander at their discretion!

Which clan will be crowned the best in the game? We’ll find out soon!