True Vision Test

True Vision Test

September 15, 2020

Take part in an upcoming change to the game’s vision mechanics in this weekend’s test!

18 SEP
10:01UTC Time
22 SEP
9:59UTC Time

Hello, Tankers!

Over the years, from new players and experienced players alike, there have always been complaints and confusion surrounding invisible tanks and how detection/the Vision System works. The Vision System, also known as the Vehicle Detection System, is what governs how and when vehicles appear to players in battle based on if they are detected or not at any given time, how you can interact with that vehicle, and at what distance you can see that vehicle.

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you are being shot by an “invisible” tank, wondering why the enemy could see you but not them, unable to see and shoot a spotted enemy as they are further than the rendering range, or otherwise feeling your brain catch on fire as soon as you’re trying to comprehend all the intricacies of how the Vision System works? My view range is 390m with a camo factor of 0.13 but the enemy spotted me at 410 meters, how does that even…”brain explodes”

If you said yes to any of these situations, then we have some news for you, so pay attention, tanker! We will be running a test throughout the weekend for a new Vision System, with the main difference being that all combatant vehicle models (ally and enemy) are always visible and no longer pop into existence. This means you will need to spot enemy tanks with your own eyes, but don’t worry, tanker. Once an enemy gets close enough, the normal vision system will kick in and automatically spot them for you.

This test will impact the gameplay, classes, and maps in various ways, most of which we can assume will happen but we don’t pretend to know the full extent of the impact.


  • Make use of bushes/trees to conceal your tanks.
  • Stick close to cover and avoid driving into open fields.
  • Move slowly and carefully when advancing.
  • Most importantly, remember, if you can see them, they can see you too!

We look forward to hearing your feedback in our dedicated forum thread and keep an eye on your inbox for a Survey!

Please note there will be a server restart for World of Tanks: SummerSlam on Friday, September 18th, 2020 for the True Vision Test.

Shutdown time: 12:00 FET (09:00 UTC, 04:00 CDT, 02:00 PDT)

Estimated Downtime: 1+ Hour

The Wargaming Development Team

NOTE: The True Vision Test and its results are for testing purposes only; there will be no commitments rendered regarding its implementation or the results of the test.