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Trade-In Spotlight: Check Out These 5 Tanks!

May 27, 2022

Commanders, have you already had a chance to trade your old vehicles for brand-new tanks in the Trade-In Program? If not, hurry up! This special offer ends on May 31 after the server restart.

17 MAY
10:01UTC Time
31 MAY
8:59UTC Time

This time, under the program of exchanging old vehicles for new ones, you have a choice of 12 very powerful tanks.


We selected 5 vehicles to tell you more about how to use their strengths and offset their weaknesses. You are welcome to share your opinion on the other vehicles in this program on our Reddit page or Discord.

Read more about each of the following 5 vehicles below.

K-91 Version II

  • World War II Mode
  • Tier: VIII
  • Nation: U.S.S.R.
  • Class: Medium Tank
  • 150% Silver Bonus Earn
  • 110% XP Bonus Earn

This is a rare occasion when a top-tier Premium tank is suitable not only for experienced but also for new players.

Gameplay Tips

The Tier IX tank armor – 230 mm in the front of its turret, 175 mm of the upper glacis plate – makes it possible to perform the role of a breakthrough vehicle; not every Tier VIII heavy can boast such armor!

Despite its heavy armor, the K-91 Version II has an excellent top speed of 55 km/h and decent mobility. In fact, with the armor of a heavy tank and the speed of a medium, the K-91 Version II bears a lethal combination against the enemy!

Besides that, the K-91 Version II features an excellent aiming time (only 2.2 seconds) and an acceptable dispersion of 0.35 m. In some situations, that allows for the sniper role, although in general, this tank is more suitable for breaking through and destroying enemies in close-range combat.

The disadvantages include the depression/elevation angles (-5/+ 20), which are not suitable for playing on uneven terrain. However, with such characteristics, this vehicle does not need cover.

The K-91 Version II will appeal not only to experienced tankers but also to those who recently started playing. Thanks to its high survivability, the tank allows for mistakes and doesn’t get destroyed by enemy shells in a few seconds. However, it is not recommended to take unnecessary risks – the durability is not unlimited.

T34 Black Edition

  • World War II Mode
  • Tier: VIII
  • Nation: USA
  • Class: Heavy
  • 157% Silver Bonus Earn
  • 175% XP Bonus Earn

You’re looking at one of the first Premium tanks in the game, clad in a stylish black camo. The good old T34 has a sturdy turret with great depression/elevation angles and a decent gun that inflicts an average of 400 HP per shot while also boasting an excellent penetration.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this tank is perfect for farming: a 157% bonus Silver earn and a 175% bonus XP earn allow you to receive a huge amount of valuable resources after every battle.

Gameplay Tips

Unlike modern Premium tanks, the T34 can’t boast unique gameplay—it’s a typical representative of the classic tanks that were popular in the early days of the game. Still, even now, many tankers enjoy playing with it, and here’s why:

  • The well-armored turret with decent depression/elevation angles allows the tank to successfully block enemy damage and effectively use terrain irregularities.
  • Thanks to the wide tracks, the T34 is good at sidescraping, although this technique requires proper skills from its commander.
  • The tank also boasts a decent view range.
  • Its 248/297 mm of penetration would suffice for any vehicle.
  • The T34 can deliver 400 HP of damage in one shot.

M24E2 Super Chaffee

  • World War II Mode
  • Tier: VI
  • Nation: USA
  • Class: Light
  • 130% Silver Bonus Earn
  • 130% XP Bonus Earn

The M24E2 Super Chaffee has the highest damage per minute of over 1,750 HP.

The tank is quite fast and can reach a top speed of 67 km/h. Only the Rover is faster, but the Super Chaffee features better mobility and engine power. The 1.7-second aiming time is the best among its peers, and the accuracy of 0.38 m is the top 2 among all American Tier VI light tanks, with only the T21 surpassing it.

A single disadvantage of the Super Chaffee is its gun depression/elevation angles (−10/+15—the gun barrel doesn’t move upwards very well) that don’t allow for the effective use of terrain irregularities.

All in all, this is an excellent light tank—mobile, accurate, with a short aiming time and high damage per minute. It can be an aggressive scout, breaking into enemy lines. It can also act as a passive spotter when matched against Tier VIII vehicles, shooting at enemies from the second or third line and targeting their weak spots.

This tank is a must-have in every LT fan’s collection. It probably can even knock the Rover off the “best Tier VI light tanks” pedestal!

Gameplay Tips

The M24E2 Super Chaffee boasts a fast-firing gun and great maneuverability. You can use its high speed to quickly sneak behind enemy lines, spot enemy vehicles for your allies, and return to cover. But remember, don’t stop moving. Otherwise, you risk returning to the garage instead of cover.

Like almost all light tanks, the Super Chaffee basically has no armor. The tank can be penetrated by all enemy shots, including those with HE shells. That’s why you have to move a lot to survive! Don’t let your opponents get close to you, and don’t stop for a moment. Following these rules will guarantee you a place of honor on the battle results screen!

Draugen Lansen C

  • World War II Mode
  • Tier: VIII
  • Nation: Sweden
  • Class: Medium
  • 150% Silver Bonus Earn
  • 115% XP Bonus Earn

The main trump card of this tank is its gun. With 390/480 HP of damage and 236/210 mm of penetration, it presents a powerful argument in any battle.

The lack of armor is compensated by excellent mobility. The tank almost instantly reaches its top speed of 50 km/h, while the 27.84 hp/t power-to-weight ratio allows it to maintain speed when turning.

One more peculiarity of this vehicle is that it rarely gets set on fire.

Gameplay Tips

The good gun depression/elevation angles (−10°/+20°) help the tank take advantage of terrain irregularities. With such characteristics, no hill can get in your way.

The Draugen Lansen C uses HESH shells as Premium ammo. Despite the high purchase price (5,000 Silver per shell), they deal very little damage when hitting tracks or screens. So before switching between shell types, think twice about whether it’s worth the risk. A regular APCR shell (the tank has APCR shells instead of AP shells) deals less damage but maintains a solid performance.

When playing with this tank, keep in mind that it has almost no armor. With 60/40/25 mm in the hull and 70 mm in the turret, you don’t stand a chance even against a Tier VI vehicle, let alone Tier IX–X tanks! That’s why you need to be very cautious when playing with the Draugen Lansen C.

And the last tip: The Draugen Lansen C has rather complex gameplay and is unforgiving of battlefield mistakes. The newcomers are unlikely to be able to truly appreciate this beast.


  • Cold War Mode
  • Era: Post War
  • Affiliation: Western Alliance
  • Class: Tank Destroyer
  • 155% Silver Bonus Earn
  • 120% XP Bonus Earn
  • 110% Commander XP Bonus

For the first time ever, Cold War vehicles become available in the Trade-In Program!

Gameplay Tips

The NM-116 has good accuracy but almost no armor, so the best option for you is to fire at enemies from afar and never get spotted.

As for the rest, this vehicle has a rather classic tank destroyer gameplay.

What you’re getting with the NM-116, Western Alliance Post-War Era Tank Destroyer:

  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Penetrating and fast-firing gun
  • Low silhouette

Follow the link to get more info on how the trade-in works and what tanks are up for grabs.