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Tank Trade-In Event: Update Your Garage

January 9, 2023

Trade in a Premium tank you own and put that value toward a new set of tracks (or wheels)!

10 JAN
11:01UTC Time
24 JAN
9:59UTC Time

The start of a new year is the perfect time to refresh your roster of tanks… which means it’s a great time for a Trade-In Event!

Through January 23rd, you can trade in any of the Premium tanks you own from the Trade-In List below for 50% of their Gold value. Then, use that same value to get any of the Premium tanks from the Trade-Up List.

Here’s how you trade in your tanks. Please note that you can trade in only one vehicle per transaction:

  1. Go to the “Tanks” tab in game.
  2. Select the Premium Tech Tree (LT or L2).
  3. Open the Filters (RS Down or R3).
  4. At the bottom, activate the Trade-in Filter (green arrows icon).
  5. Find the vehicle you wish to purchase and select it.
  6. On the “Confirm Purchase” prompt, select “Trade-in.”
  7. Select the vehicle that you wish to trade in from the reel. Each tank will display if you still have extra Gold to pay or if you will receive Silver back.
  8. Confirm the purchase.

The Tank Trade-In lasts through January 23rd. Get the Premium tanks you’ve been waiting for and get ready to battle hard!

Trade-In List tanks you can trade for 50% of their Gold value:

Eastern Alliance

Trade-Up List – tanks available for purchase: