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This Week in Tanks: March 9th – March 15th

March 9, 2020

Monday Madness: The True Colors of Victory!

10:01UTC Time
10 MAR
9:59UTC Time

Leave it to Monday Madness to sort out your first day of the week.

Earn a x2 Silver Boost by completing the Op of the day (repeatable up to five times per account) and give your tank a new color with the help of a discounted camo voucher bundle.

  • Camouflage Voucher (4)

700 coingold

30% Savings

This offer is only available on the 09th of March.

Tank Grab Ops

12 MAR
11:01UTC Time
17 MAR
10:59UTC Time

The Tank Grab Ops are the perfect opportunity for you to grind towards a Free Bizon T-103 or Senshi STA-2! You can complete these ops in Multiplayer Battles. It goes like this:

Every victory will reward you with one point. These points are used to progress through the Tank Grab stages, where you need five points to complete a stage.

Specific stages will give you a Tank discount for the Bizon T-103 and the Senshi STA-2 in addition to their rewards. After completing stage 15, you will pick only one of the two Premium tanks for free (at this point, you will also have a 75% discount on the second tank).

To make things easier to understand, here’s how many victories you must score when working towards the Bizon T-103 or the Senshi STA-2.

  • 20 wins = Completes Stage 4 (get 25% discount for both tanks)
  • 40 wins = Completes Stage 8 (get 50% discount for both tanks)
  • 60 wins = Completes Stage 12 (get 75% discount for both tanks)
  • 75 wins = Completes all 15 stages (pick one of the tanks for free)

Bizon T-103

  • Excellent Turret Armor
  • Accurate and Hard Hitting 130mm Gun
  • Perfect for Hull Down Gameplay

Senshi STA-2

  • Good Hull Traverse Speed
  • Good Gun Depression
  • Good Damage

New Map – Kaunas

Attention Commanders a new Map is coming to the game!

Get ready to put your tanking skills to the test in the new Kaunas Summer Map! Kaunas will become available for Multiplayer and Commander Mode, after the weekly server restart.

Commander Mode

Make use of the new Area Defense feature in Commander Mode to defeat your opponents and earn many rewards.

Weekly SAVINGS + K9 Veteran’s Day Offer

Read about this week’s promotions and celebrate the service of man’s best friend with a special bundle.

New Mercenary Contracts

Stubbs: March 10th – March 29th

Slapjack: March 10th – May 3rd