This Week in Tanks: March 23rd – March 29th

This Week in Tanks: March 23rd – March 29th

March 23, 2020

Monday Madness: The Silver Lining of Hard Work

23 MAR
10:01UTC Time
24 MAR
9:59UTC Time

Time for some Monday Madness motivation!

Win two battles in a row to earn some awesome x2 Silver Boosts!

We also prepared a discounted Premium Consumables Bundle, so you’re ready for battle with only the best items.

  • Large First Aid Kit (20)
  • Large Repair Kit (20)
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher (20)

2,100 coingold

30% Savings

Tier X Ranked Battles

27 MAR
17:01UTC Time
30 MAR
9:59UTC Time

Fight with your best Tier X vehicles where it matters the most. Win battles and go up the nine Leagues to earn massive rewards and your own League Medal. Learn more about the Tier X Ranked Battles here.

Spotlight: Kaunas

27 MAR
10:01UTC Time
31 MAR
9:59UTC Time

Need a hand with those Light Tanks and Tank Destroyers, Commander? Then you’re in luck!

For this weekend only, we’re giving you a discount on all Regular and selected Premium Light Tanks and Tank Destroyers (offer does not include Seasonal, Monster, Black, Licensed, Event or Prize Tanks). That way, you can easily research and add that vehicle you were dreaming of for so long to your collection!

And, to mark the arrival of the Kaunas Map, we’re also increasing the frequency of maps where they perform the best.

Check out the map list below and head over to the Premium Tech Tree to find your discounted tanks.

Map List:

  • Arctic Region
  • Cliff
  • Fishermans Bay
  • Kaunas
  • Liberty Falls
  • Liberty Fallen
  • Mines
  • Mines – Rain
  • Prokhorovka
  • Province
  • Province Night
  • Raseiniai
  • Sand River
  • Steppes

New Mercenary Contracts

Stinger: 24th of March – 26th of April

Cruncher: 24th of March – 24th of May