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This Week in Tanks: February 10th -16th!

February 10, 2020

Monday Madness: German Monday!


10 FEB
11:01UTC Time
11 FEB
10:59UTC Time

Guten tag, Commander. It’s time for Monday Madness to restart the week just how you like it: with all kinds of awesome offers!

Go to the store to find a 30% discount on German Summer Camouflage! Dominate the fight with a new color scheme on your lean, mean, German War Machine!

We also have the Op of the day waiting for you, with an emblem voucher as its reward. Don’t let this opportunity slip!

  • Pre-war camouflage (1)
  • Yellow-brown camouflage “Stripes and Spots” (1)
  • Multicolor dark disruptive camouflage (1)
  • Multicolor light zebra camouflage (1)
  • “Large spots” three-tone camouflage (1)
  • Three-tone camouflage “Threads” (1)
  • Three-tone “large spots” camouflage (1)
  • Three-tone disruptive camouflage (1)
  • Two-tone diagonal camouflage (1)
  • Two-tone summer (1)
  • Summer Transparent (1)
  • Summer Post War 1 (1)
  • Summer Post War 2 (1)
  • Summer Post War 3 (1)
  • Summer Post War 4 (1)
  • Summer Post War 5 (1)
  • NATO 3-Color Woodland (1)


30% Savings


This offer is only available on the 10th of February.

Sweet Valentine Op

14 FEB
11:01UTC Time
17 FEB
10:59UTC Time

Love is in the air, so why not treat your German crew to something nice? Play in Multiplayer, complete the Op (repeatable up to five times per day) and earn that sweet reward.

And we’re just getting started! Here’s what you can expect in the upcoming days:

The Game’s 6th Anniversary Celebrations

Join the party to get your free tank and enjoy all sorts of sweet surprises!

Commander Mode

The last round of the season is about to start. Give it all you got to earn many rewards, including Winter Games points.

Anniversary War Chests

The upcoming War Chests are bringing you a special surprise. Don’t miss them!


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