Console Community: Interview with The Turkey Tank!

Console Community: Interview with The Turkey Tank!

July 7, 2020

Learn more about one of our Community Contributors and one of the best-known Commanders on YouTube!

Welcome back, Commanders!

A surefire way to get people interested in World of Tanks is to show them a video of how much enemy-chasing, tank-exploding fun a match can be. One of the players who understands that the best is, without a doubt, The Turkey Tank.

TTT is a Community Contributor who’s known as much for his battlefield scouting abilities as he is for his informative YouTube videos. So of course we had to ask him all the important questions: Which game events have been his favorite? Which five tanks are his go-to vehicles? And what does he do when he’s *gasp* not working on World of Tanks content?

You’ll find out all this and more in our interview with The Turkey Tank below!

Tell us about yourself!

I’m Matt from Maryland, USA, and I’m 24 years old.

Do you have any military or history experience?

Yes, I’m currently a member of the USAF and I also have a degree in history.

What’s your console of choice?

My console of choice is the Xbox One S currently, though I hope to invest in a next-gen console when they are for sale later this year. I orginally started gaming on the PS1 and PS2 but made the switch to Xbox when the 360 was released. Sorry, but the PlayStation controller just wasn’t comfortable to use anymore.

When did you start playing World of Tanks: Valor?

I started playing World of Tanks: Valor on the initial release on Xbox 360 over six years ago now. The historical aspect caught my eye as well as having seen some footage from the PC version, so I downloaded the game and now I’m still here.

How long have you been part of the Community Contributors program, and what has your experience been like?

I have been a part of the CC program for I believe close to three years now if I remember correctly, I have met some good friends in it that I still play with regularly now and I’m currently excited for what the future holds for the program.

What’s your favorite video in your channel?

One of my first clips on the channel may still be the favorite simply because of how ridiculous the scenario was to get my 2nd Pool’s Medal ever, regardless if it’s not even from my perspective or has no commentary, which I didn’t have on any of my videos up until early last year. It serves as a great reminder of how the channel started as a way to share some funny or awesome clips to share on the forums or on Discord servers.

What has been one of the most interesting facts you’ve learned from your audience?

Hmm, I’ve probably been told some interesting things over the last few years, though it’s hard to remember. However, I would say someone informing me that the tier 10 light tanks lose penetration over distance at a much higher rate than other classes, especially since I’m “known” for my scout gameplay and was initially unaware of this fact.

What would you like your viewers to know about you?

I would like to say thanks to the long-time subscribers who continually pushed for me to add commentary to the videos as it has led to a large increase in my audience, which makes me laugh since I absolutely hate public speaking, so getting me to do it wasn’t easy.

Out of all the game events and game operations, which has been your ultimate favorite?

My absolute favorites have been the +1/-1 MM events that have been put on over the past year and would love to see +1/-1 MM be implemented permanently.

What is the highest amount of damage you’ve dealt in one single battle?  Can you share the story and also which tank you were using?

The highest damage I’ve done is 11.6k in the FV215b 183. I don’t recall much about the game as I’ve broken 10k damage in that vehicle several times. I remember my high-damage games with light tanks much more vividly, including 6k damage in the LTTB or 7.2k damage very recently in the Turtle.

What advice would you give to new tankers?

My basic advice for new players is try to not be intimidated by all the features of this game, stick around and learn basics, and continually try to find sources to learn from, whether that’s Youtube, the forums, or Reddit. Don’t feel like you have to rush to tier 10, try to learn at the mid tiers before advancing. Of course, try to have fun, make some friends, and play together.

What are your favorite five tanks in the game, and why?

  1. LTTB: My absolute favorite tank in the game. Statistically it may not be the best tier 8 light tank; however, it just meshes with how I like to play scouts so well that I’ve played over 1700 games in it now.
  2. Turtle: Another tier 8 light tank that I enjoy so much. I actually thought this tank would be awful when I first saw it but now I play it almost every session and recently recorded my highest damage in a tier 8 in it.
  3. T49: Shocker, another light tank and this one I also have over 1000 games played in it and most of those are with the 152mm gun, which I regularly slap reds for over 900 damage with.
  4. ELC EVEN 90: The little clown car of a tank that I can easily hide from enemy tanks in or rush in close and get below their gun while putting shots into them from point blank.
  5. Sheridan: If it’s not obvious, I enjoy my scout tanks and this tier 10 scout is my favorite at the highest tier with its troll armor, good dpm, and big-time damage potential with its 105mm.

Can you share a personal tank strategy?

I could go on about a lot of stratgies I use, but my favorite is using the handbrake to juke enemies while I’m in my light tanks. I’ve even caused a few enemy light tanks to flip over because I led them to a ledge before I hit the ebrake and watched them not turn in time and roll off the cliff.

Favorite World of Tanks: Valor snacks?

I don’t usually eat anything while I’m playing, may make an exception if I’m playing SPG’s but I mostly just have some water to stay hydrated.

What are your top five favorite maps, and why?

My five favorite maps are Westfield, Erlenberg, Malinovka, Prokhorovka, and Sand River because they are all maps that are fantastic for light tanks and I can make use of spotting mechanics and my scout’s speed to best win games.

What would you like to see added to World of Tanks: Valor in the future?

I would really like to see the addition of reusable consumbles such as on the PC version as well as the permanent implementation of +1/-1 MM for all tiers that has been tested several times over the past year, and lastly I’d like to see tanks like the T-55a and 121B make their appearance.

What do you do for fun outside of Tanks?

Outside of the game, I’m almost always doing something outdoors, whether that’s rockclimbing at my gym or at crags in the Appalachians, working on my photography skills, kayaking the Cheasepeake Bay, or hiking long miles in the Appalachian or Sierra Nevada Mountains. I even have the plans to thruhike all 2200 miles of the Appalachian Trail about four years from now in 2024.

Anything you want to tell the community before the interview ends?

I just like to say as always thanks for all the support, never thought my content would ever interest over 6000 folks so I’m truly thankful for that and I hope to continue producing content that can help everyone improve and learn something while maybe sharing a laugh over on the Twitch channel.

Where can players find you?

Players can find my Youtube channel at

My Twitch channel is

Lastly I can be found on Twitter at

Thanks so much for joining us, TTT!

We’ve been having a ton of fun showing off the hard work and spectacular gameplay that Commanders have put into the community. We can’t wait to do it again next time, when we’ll feature another interview with a tanker who’s awesome both on and off the battlefield.

Until then… roll out, Commander!