Ready for a Challenge That Gives You Gold?

Ready for a Challenge That Gives You Gold?

November 23, 2020

One week, 80 enemy vehicles. Can you handle this Challenge, Commander?

24 NOV
11:01UTC Time
10:59UTC Time

We’re not letting up with the November specials just yet, Commander. We’ve got a new one-week Challenge waiting for you that will test your ability to dish out the hurt!

Your goal: Destroy 80 enemy vehicles in one week.

Your rewards: 850 + two Camouflage vouchers!

Success in this Challenge comes down to you and your skill. Think you can obliterate 80 of your opponents in time to get your rewards? Then get out there and show us!

The fine details:

  • There are no tank class or tier restrictions.
  • Only multiplayer battles count toward this Challenge.
  • The Challenge is available once per account.

Head to the “Challenges” tab in game after tomorrow’s server restart and look for the Weekly Event to see this Challenge active.

You’ve got 80 enemies standing between you and your rewards. Time to be ruthless, Commander — let ‘em have it!