Can You Deal 100,000 Damage in One Week? Prove It!

November 9, 2020

A new limited-time Challenge with huge rewards is waiting for you this week!

10 NOV
11:01UTC Time
17 NOV
10:59UTC Time

We mentioned that we had some special events lined up for you this November, Commander. Here’s a new one-week Challenge with some tasty treats as the rewards!

Your goal: Deal 100,000 or more total damage to enemy vehicles in any number of multiplayer battles.

Your rewards: One Commander’s War Chest and 600,000 Silver!

That’s it! This is a Challenge made to reward the dedicated, the persistent, the die-hard tankers who never give up in a showdown with the enemy.

The fine details:

  • There are no tank class or tier restrictions.
  • Only multiplayer battles count toward this Challenge.
  • Battles in Tank Commander PvP Mode do not count toward this Challenge.
  • The Challenge is available once per account.

Head to the “Challenges” tab in game after tomorrow’s server restart to see this Challenge active.

Get ready to open fire on the enemy. Remember: you have one week to complete this Challenge. Load up that ammo and roll out!