Get Your Next Premium Tank With Free XP!

March 29, 2021

Make the most of your Free XP conversion bonus to get your new Premium tanks!

30 MAR
10:01UTC Time
8:59UTC Time

The best time to use your Free XP has come. For one week only, head over to the Premium Tech Tree and get any of the tanks in the table below with Free XP instead of Gold!

And to make things even more convenient for you, our Free XP conversion boost is still active for the duration of this event!

Lansen C Lansen C GIF
Lansen C GIF
Object 252U Defender Object 252U Defender GIF
Object 252U Defender GIF
M46 Patton KR M46 Patton KR GIF
M46 Patton KR GIF
Águila HWK 30 Águila HWK 30 GIF
Águila HWK 30 GIF
Atomic Centurion Atomic Centurion GIF
Atomic Centurion GIF
HMH AMX Modèle 58 HMH AMX mle. 58 GIF
HMH AMX mle. 58 GIF
Alpine Tiger WZ-111 Alpine Tiger WZ-111 GIF
Alpine Tiger WZ-111 GIF
Strv S1 Strv S1 GIF
Strv S1 GIF
Caernarvon Action X Caernarvon Action X GIF
Caernarvon Action X GIF
Yazi WZ-120-1G FT Yazi WZ-120-1G FT GIF
Yazi WZ-120-1G FT GIF
Tank Gold Price Free XP Price
Lansen C 7,500 150,000
Object 252U Defender 13,940 278,800
M46 Patton KR 8,700 174,000
Águila HWK 30 6,500 130,000
Atomic Centurion 9,100 182,000
HMH AMX Modèle 58 7,150 143,000
Alpine Tiger WZ-111 15,175 303,500
Strv S1 10,900 218,000
Caernarvon Action X 10,500 210,000
Yazi WZ-120-1G FT 13,040 260,800