Tanks Reforged: Balance Updates to the WZ-113G FT Line!

September 13, 2021

The tank destroyers at the end of the WZ-113G FT line were meant to excel at mid-range support. For this edition of Tanks Reforged, we’ve made several updates to these hard hitters to help them live up to their potential.

Plus, as a bonus, we’ve also updated three powerhouse Premium tanks that aren’t tied to the WZ-113G FT Line but still deserve some love so that they can tank hard and take names in battle.

Let’s get into the changes!

Chinese Tier X WZ-113G FT Tank Destroyer

The WZ-113G FT is a pretty solid performer on the battlefield but is also not the most popular vehicle, which likely comes down to two reasons: playstyle and not feeling like an upgrade to the Tier IX.

Let’s cover the playstyle of this tank so that you know what to expect and how to be the most effective with this vehicle in case you aren’t familiar with it. The WZ-113G FT’s role on the battlefield is mid-range support for the front line. The slow shell velocity and mediocre accuracy don’t allow it to be an effective sniper, and its lack of side armor prevents it from being on the front line as an assault TD. What it does excel at is mid-range engagement, making use of solid frontal armor to block incoming rounds, good mobility to keep up with the front line as the battle progresses, and a hard-hitting gun to inflict major damage.

Speaking of hard-hitting guns, we have increased the damage from 750 to 850 for the Tier X gun to set it apart from Tier IX. To offset this, we have increased the reload time, but with the new damage values, this is an overall increase to its DPM.

Other areas such as armor and mobility were also improved to help this tank excel on the battlefield.


  • Engine: 650hp -> 750hp
    • New power-to-weight ratio: 13.64
  • 152mm gun
    • Reload: 17s -> 19.5s
    • Damage: 750/750/1100 -> 850/850/1100
  • Main frontal armor: 230 -> 250
  • Upper sloped hull armor: 100 -> 130

Chinese Tier IX WZ-111G FT Tank Destroyer

The WZ-111G FT is doing really well already and there isn’t too much to do here for performance, but we do need to address the notably poor terrain resistance values on the upgraded chassis. With this change, the upgraded chassis will now actually feel like an upgrade, as it will improve the general mobility of the tank once equipped, which goes along nicely with the increased max speed.

The WZ-111G FT continues to transition you into the mid-range support role, as you start off with the 130mm gun that allows you to play farther back due to its better accuracy and shell velocity. This gives you time to build trust for the improved armor over the previous tier and become more comfortable moving closer to the front line. Once you’re ready, switch over to the 152mm gun and start hitting tanks for 750 damage!


  • Max speed: 35 -> 38
  • Chassis 2:
    • Terrain Resistance: 1.3/1.8/2.9 -> 1.1/1.3/2.2
  • 130mm gun
    • Increased max ammo: 30 -> 35
  • 152mm gun
    • Increased max ammo: 30 -> 35

Chinese Tier VIII WZ-111-1G FT Tank Destroyer

This tank is the transition from going from the fast, lightly armored, sniper tank playstyle to a slower, more armored, mid-range engager playstyle. Currently, it is a very drastic change, which can be a bit of a shock. To help ease players into the different playstyle, we’ve adjusted the tank to create a smoother transition with less shock value.

To start, we’ve adjusted the speed and power-to-weight ratio so it’s a smaller reduction from the Tier VII tank. This helps it feel familiar to the previous tanks in this line and eases you into the next tank, where there is another speed decrease. The armor has also received improvements to help players learn that the armor can be reliable without being too good, as the tank retains better mobility now.


  • Max speed: 35 -> 42
  • 122mm D-25TG FT gun
    • Reload: 9.4 -> 8.7
    • Max ammo: 30 -> 35
  • 122mm 60 122TG FT gun
    • Max ammo: 30 -> 35
  • 130mm 59 130JG FT
    • Max ammo: 25 -> 35
  • Upper front hull: 200mm -> 230mm
  • Upper front hull corner: 180mm -> 190mm
  • Upper piked hull: 100mm -> 115mm
  • All gun mantlets
    • 200mm -> 230mm
    • 190mm -> 200mm
  • Health: 1000 -> 1200
  • Weight reduced
    • Increases power-to-weight ratio to 14.29 hp/t when fully upgraded

Premium Tank: Chinese Tier VIII Type 59 Medium Tank

The Type 59 received a couple of gun handling improvements just to make the gun handle a little better on the battlefield.


  • Accuracy: 0.39 -> 0.36
  • Aim time: 2.9 -> 2.3

Premium Tank: Soviet Tier VIII Minotaur KV-5 Heavy Tank

The Minotaur KV-5 received an armor upgrade for a much stronger turret profile, providing reliable protection against incoming rounds. The mini-turrets on the hull also received some changes, getting better armor all around with the exception of the port. The port armor has been reduced to be a small frontal weak spot.

Along with these changes, we gave the gun additional gun handling improvements to increase its precision.


  • Hull armor
    • Mini-turret sides: 140mm -> 180mm
    • Bigger mini-turret front: 180mm -> 200mm
    • Bigger mini-turret port: 190mm -> 180mm
  • Turret
    • Front: 190 -> 240
    • Gun mantlet armor: 180 -> 230
    • Cupola sides: 150 -> 170
  • 107mm ZiS-24 gun
    • Accuracy: 0.40 -> 0.35
    • Aim time: 2.9 -> 2.3

Premium Tank: Mercenary Tier VIII Brick Heavy Tank

The Brick has pretty solid armor but is let down by its gun. We’ve increased the damage per shot so that it hits a bit harder and also increased the penetration to help those shots count. The reload time is unchanged, so the overall DPM of the gun will improve. The turret rotation is also too slow for a lower alpha gun, so that has been increased to help snap onto targets quicker.


  • Damage
    • 250/250/330 -> 280/280/330
  • Penetration:
    • 217/247/50 -> 225/285/50
  • Turret traverse speed: 20 -> 25
  • Front turret cheeks: 150mm -> 190mm

Keep an eye out for the next line of legendary vehicles that will be overhauled in Tanks Reforged!