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Tanks Reforged and On-Track: Strv 103B

September 27, 2021

Check out the updated vehicles in the Strv 103B line, then use On-Track’s Silver discounts and XP bonus to make them yours!

Tanks Reforged is the initiative that updates vehicles from World War II mode and brings them in line with today’s battle standards.

For the September 28th edition of Tanks Reforged, we’ve overhauled almost ALL the vehicles in the Strv 103B line, along with two Premium vehicles. These Swedish tank destroyers will be better prepared to blast your enemies off the battlefield!

Take a look at the rebalancing details below. Then, continue reading to see how to make the vehicles from the Strv 103B line yours with On-Track!

Tanks Reforged: Swedish Tank Destroyers

The most notable detail about these vehicles is that the higher-tier vehicles use the siege mechanic. Before you read any further, if you’re unfamiliar with the siege mechanic, please take a couple of minutes to read the Siege Mode game guide so that you have a better understanding.

In the manually activated Siege Mode, you can lose valuable time waiting for this transition to happen, possibly losing your chance to engage an enemy who’s driving toward cover. Once you’re in Siege Mode, you still rely on rotating your hull to aim at enemies. The issue is that while rotating your tank, you can suffer from dispersion penalties, and the movement can make your reticle bloomed, which makes faster moving targets difficult to hit.

These extra layers of difficulty cause these vehicles, which have amazing potential, to not be as effective as they could be. To help these tanks live up to their full potential, we need to improve their usability and also make some performance adjustments as needed.

Swedish Tier X Strv 103B Tank Destroyer

Starting with the top of the line, the Strv 103B receives the biggest improvement to the transition time, which has been reduced down to one second. This should massively improve your target acquisition time during those moments when opportune targets pop up while you’re moving locations or getting into position. The reload time also receives a small decrease to help improve your DPM when you find yourself in a nice location with plenty of targets to shoot at.


  • Enter Siege Mode: 2s → 1s
  • Enter Drive Mode: 1.3s →1s
  • Camouflage moving: 0.242 → 0.245
  • Camouflage still: 0.404 → 0.409
  • Reload: 8 -> 7.6

Swedish Tier IX Strv 103-0 Tank Destroyer

Next up is the Strv 103-0 at Tier IX. This tank recently received some changes to its non-Siege Mode stats in the Reforged Legends update. Now, we’re bringing these adjustments over to Siege Mode as well as making additional usability improvements.

The transition time to Siege Mode has been reduced, which is helpful. But the most notable changes here are the chassis dispersion reductions in Siege Mode. These changes keep your reticle from blooming while your hull is moving so that you can track moving targets and engage targets more quickly, more easily, and more efficiently than before. This change works nicely with the top guns’ improved accuracy for making precise shots on the enemy.


  • Enter Siege Mode: 2s → 1.3s
  • 10,5 cm kan strv 103 L/51
    • Siege Mode
      • Reload: 9 → 8.6
  • 10,5 cm kan strv 103 L/62
    • Siege Mode
      • Reload: 9 → 8.6
      • Accuracy: 0.3 → 0.28
  • Siege Mode
    • Chassis 1: Dispersion during hull rotation: 0.1 -> 0.01
    • Chassis 2: Dispersion during hull rotation: 0.1 -> 0.01

Swedish Tier VIII UDES 03 Tank Destroyer

Coming in at Tier VIII, the UDES 03 is the first tank in this line with the siege mechanic. Similar to the two tanks above, the transition time has been improved with the main improvements for usability being the dispersion adjustments for the chassis.

This tank receives improvements to both its siege and non-siege dispersion. Both guns also receive some reload improvements just to help deal some additional damage. While in Siege Mode, the forward and reserve speeds have been notably improved, so if you need to make some adjustments but don’t want to leave Siege Mode, you’ll now be able to do this a bit faster and get back to shooting the enemy.


  • Siege Mode
    • Enter Siege Mode (SwitchOnTime): 2 → 1.6
    • Enter Drive Mode (SwitchOffTime): 2 →1.6
  • 9 cm kan m/F
    • Non-Siege Mode
      • Reload: 6.3 -> 5.7
  • 10.5 cm kan UDES 03
    • Non-Siege Mode
      • Reload: 11.7 -> 10
    • Siege Mode
      • Reload: 10.3 -> 10
  • Non-Siege Mode
    • Chassis 1: Dispersion during hull rotation: 0.2 -> 0.1
    • Chassis 2: Dispersion during hull rotation: 0.2 -> 0.1
  • Siege Mode
    • Chassis 1: Dispersion during hull rotation: 0.2 -> 0.01
    • Chassis 2: Dispersion during hull rotation: 0.2 -> 0.01
    • Forward speed: 5 -> 10
    • Reverse speed: 5 -> 10

Swedish Tier VII Ikv 90 Typ B Tank Destroyer

At Tier VII, the IKV 90 Type B is your typical “glass cannon” TD. It has no armor to speak of and solely relies on its gun, stealth, and mobility to survive. This tank should engage from a distance to keep out of the enemy’s sight.

To help this tank be more successful in this role, we’re improving the gun handling as well as giving it a bit more DPM since it doesn’t hit quite as hard as other TDs at this tier. These changes should allow it to snipe more successfully, improving its ability to survive longer and deal more damage.

These improved gun characteristics also help unify the line as you move into the higher-tier vehicles, which also are dedicated snipers with very accurate and quick-aiming guns.


  • 9 cm Bofors L/53
    • Accuracy: 0.4 → 0.35
    • Reload: 8 -> 7
  • 9 cm Kan m/F
    • Accuracy: 0.36 -> 0.33
    • Aim Time: 2.3 -> 1.8
    • Reload: 7.4 -> 6.8

Swedish Tier VI Ikv 65 Alt II Tank Destroyer

At Tier VI, the IKV 65 Alt II is very similar to the Tier VII vehicle. Its gun handling is already good for its tier, so what this tank really needs is a better reload time. Currently, it has really poor DPM compared to its peers. That’s what we’re addressing today.


  • 9 cm Bofors L/53
    • Reload: 9.7 -> 8.2
  • 9 cm Bofors L/43
    • Reload: 9.1 -> 8.2

Swedish Tier V Ikv 103 Tank Destroyer

At Tier V, we have the IKV 103, which has a much different gun than the rest of the line. Instead of a quick-firing low alpha gun, it mounts a large-caliber, high-alpha gun. This tank currently has the worse hit percentage of all Tier V TD’s, so we’re going to improve the accuracy a bit, which should address the main issue. Once players start hitting their targets, the rest of the performance should also improve.


  • 10,5 cm kan ikv 102 gun
    • Accuracy: 0.54 -> 0.48
  • 10,5 cm kan ikv 103 gun
    • Accuracy: 0.42 -> 0.40

Swedish Tier IV Sav m/43 Tank Destroyer

At Tier IV, the Sav M/43 mainly suffers from a very poor stock gun. It has worse penetration than the vehicle at the tier ahead of it, so we’re going to give it a bit of a bump.


  • 7,5 cm Kan m/02
    • SLPPRJ M/40
      • Penetration: 63 -> 97

Premium Tanks:
Swedish Tier VIII Strv S1 Tank Destroyer and
Swedish Tier VIII Stark Strv S1 Tank Destroyer

The performance of the Tier VIII Premiums is already pretty solid, but these vehicles still receive some usability improvements as well as a small improvement to their accuracy.


  • Siege Mode
    • Enter Siege Mode: 2 -> 1.6
    • Accuracy: 0.3 -> 0.28
    • Forward speed: 8 -> 10
    • Reverse speed: 8 -> 10

On-Track: Strv 103B

28 SEP
10:01UTC Time
12 OCT
8:59UTC Time

Don’t have these Tech Tree vehicles in your garage yet? No problem. For the next two weeks, the Strv 103B line is the focus of On-Track. With On-Track’s Silver discounts and +25% XP bonus on every tank in the line, you’ll have its newly reforged vehicles at your command in no time!

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Keep an eye out to see which legendary vehicles will be updated in the next edition of Tanks Reforged!