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Tanks Reforged and On-Track: Object 263

November 19, 2021

See how this group of tank destroyers has been updated for the hunt! Plus, check out On-Track’s Silver discounts and XP bonus on these Tech Tree tanks.

Tanks Reforged is the initiative that overhauls vehicles from World War II mode and brings them in line with today’s battle standards.

The focus of the latest edition of Tanks Reforged: the Object 263 line. Previously, these Soviet tank destroyers and their related Premium vehicles could deal the hits but not always take ‘em. How did our game developers bring them back up to fighting shape?

Take a look at the rebalancing details below. Then, continue reading to see how to make the Tech Tree vehicles from the Object 263 line yours with On-Track!


Soviet Tier X Object 263 Tank Destroyer

This TD was recently updated in Reforged Legends, but we’ve given it an additional quality-of-life improvement by increasing the yaw limits. It now has a total of 24 degrees of gun arc, allowing you to engage targets a bit longer before having to rotate your hull to get them back in your sights.


  • Yaw limit: -7/7 -> -12/12

Soviet Tier IX SU-122-54 Tank Destroyer

This was another vehicle that was featured in Reforged Legends. However, we decided it could still use some additional tweaks, as it’s still been having some survivability issues.

The 122mm gun doesn’t hit as hard as the guns on other TDs at this tier, where their survivability mostly revolves around the gun and/or the armor. The 122mm has superb DPM but doesn’t pack as big of a punch to remove the threat from the battlefield. This leaves the SU-122-54 defenseless while it reloads, causing early death.

So, in this case, it needs some additional armor protection to be able to bounce the occasional shot, which will let it trade damage more efficiently.


  • Hull armor: 100 mm -> 165 mm
  • Armor surrounding gun mantlet
    • Lower: 160 mm -> 180 mm
    • Upper: 140 mm -> 170 mm

Soviet Tier VIII SU-101 Tank Destroyer

Generally, this TD was doing poorly in all areas, so the focus was to improve its survivability and weapons effectiveness.

You’ll see some armor improvements across the front of the vehicle as well as improved gun handling that will make your rounds more likely to land when shooting from a distance. These changes should complement each other nicely to improve the SU-101’s overall effectiveness on the battlefield.


  • Improved armor
    • Gun mantle for all guns: 170 mm -> 240 mm
    • Armor around gun mantlet: 150 mm ->190 mm
    • Frontal superstructure: 120 mm -> 150 mm
    • Frontal hull armor: 90 mm -> 105 mm
    • Frontal hull armor with spare track: 100 mm -> 125 mm
  • Gun: 122mm M62-C2
    • Accuracy: 0.37 ->0.35
    • Aim time: 3.1 -> 2.5
  • Gun: 100mm D-54S
    • Accuracy: 0.35 -> 0.34
  • Gun: 122mm D-25 mod. 1944
    • Accuracy: 0.41 -> 0.37
    • Aim time: 2.9 -> 2.7

Soviet Tier VII SU-100M1 Tank Destroyer

Similar to the rest of the line, its survivability was not the best, so it received some additional armor, increased reverse speed, and a bit more accuracy. These changes together should bring this TD’s performance up to where it should be.


  • Armor improvements
    • Frontal hull/superstructure: 90 mm -> 120 mm
    • Hull with spare track: 105 mm -> 140 mm
  • Reverse speed: 14 -> 18
  • Gun: 100mm D-10S mod. 1944
    • Accuracy: 0.37 -> 0.35

Soviet Tier VI SU-100 Tank Destroyer

The 85mm guns are now more effective to help improve the initial grind as you work your way to the more powerful guns. Once the 100mm or 122mm guns are equipped, this tank performs well and is a force to be reckoned with.


  • Gun: 85 mm D-5S
    • Penetration: 120/161/43 -> 130/170/44
    • Accuracy: 0.37 -> 0.35
    • Aim time: 2.3 -> 2.1
    • Turret dispersion penalty during rotation: 0.08 -> 0.06
  • Gun: 85 mm D5S-85BM
    • Aim time: 2.3 -> 2.1
    • Turret dispersion penalty during rotation: 0.08 -> 0.06

Soviet Tier V SU-85 Tank Destroyer

This received the same improved penetration on the 85mm D-5S gun for a better gun upgrade progression along with its stock gun being made more accurate to help make up for the low penetration. We’ve also improved its view range, which was the main issue that needed to be addressed for this vehicle.


  • View range: 280 -> 330
  • Gun: 85mm D-5S
    • Penetration: 120/161/43 -> 130/170/44
    • Accuracy: 0.43 -> 0.37
  • 76mm S-54S
    • Accuracy: 0.39 -> 0.36


Soviet Tier VIII ISU-130 Tank Destroyer and
Soviet Tier VIII HMH ISU-130 Tank Destroyer

The ISU-130 generally was doing poorly at everything, so it received improved penetration to make the most of its high DPM. We’ve also adjusted several other stats to help with general performance and usability.


  • Penetration: 215/187/65 -> 238/212/65
  • Traverse limits:  -2/10 -> -10/10
  • Engine power 520 -> 600
  • Ammo capacity 25 -> 35 shells
  • AP: velocity 898 -> 960
  • Camo while still: 0.278 -> 0.305
  • Camo while moving: 0.167 -> 0.183

Soviet Tier VIII T-103 Tank Destroyer and
Soviet Tier VIII Bizon T-103 Tank Destroyer

Although the T-103 was originally intended to be more of a sniper, players generally play more aggressively with this tank, using it as more of close-range support TD. This has led to it having a shorter lifespan than intended.

Based on how most players are using this tank, we’ve increased the health to be comparable to the health of other close-range support vehicles. We’ve also provided some additional armor. This should allow it to take some extra damage in the role that it often finds itself in.


  • Health: 1250 -> 1450
  • Upper hull: 100 mm -> 160 mm

Soviet Tier VIII KV-4 KTTS Tank Destroyer

Similar to the other TDs seen here, the KV-4 KTTS lacks survivability, which is affecting its ability to perform. We’ve made general improvements to the gun, survivability, and mobility to improve its all-around performance so that it can be more effective for players.


  • View range: 350 m -> 370 m
  • Lower hull armor: 175 mm -> 220 mm
  • Chassis
    • Dispersion factors while moving: 0.28 -> 0.23
    • Dispersion factors while rotating: 0.28 -> 0.23
    • Terrain resistance: 1.5/1.7/2.8 -> 1.3/1.5/2.5
  • Accuracy: 0.36 -> 0.35
  • Aim time: 2.5 -> 2.3
  • Health: 1200 -> 1500
  • Reverse speed: 10 -> 12

On-Track: Object 263

23 NOV
11:01UTC Time
9:59UTC Time

On-Track is the in-game event that gives you Silver discounts and a +25% XP bonus on every tank in a specific line. If you want to see how a certain line plays, On-Track is the easiest way to get those vehicles into your garage and experience them for yourself!

This time, On-Track helps you get a first-hand look at the Tanks Reforged changes to the Object 263 line.

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Keep watching the News page and our social media channels to see which legendary vehicles will be updated in the next round of Tanks Reforged!