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Tanks Reforged and On-Track: Chieftain Mk. 6

October 25, 2021

Take a look at the latest World War II vehicles to be updated for battle. Then, see how to claim several of them easily with On-Track!

Tanks Reforged is the initiative that overhauls vehicles from World War II mode and brings them in line with today’s battle standards.

This edition of Tanks Reforged is a British bonanza. In addition to updating many of the renowned heavy vehicles in the Chieftain Mk. 6 line, we’ve also reforged their Premium tank counterparts.

Take a look at the rebalancing details below. Then, continue reading to see how to make the Tech Tree vehicles from the Chieftain Mk. 6 line yours with On-Track!

British Tier X Chieftain Mk. 6 Heavy Tank

Generally known to have one of the best guns on a heavy tank, the Chieftain Mk. 6 is already doing pretty well but could still use some adjustments.

Often you can find yourself out of position and unable to make use of its turret armor, usually from moving to advance or playing a map that isn’t ideal. This can result in an early trip back to the garage due to the lack of hull armor. Our focus for this tank is not to improve the hull armor to make it more like other tanks at this tier, but to improve upon its playstyle and what helps set it apart. Let it do what it does… but better.

To help make up for its lack of armor, the health has been increased so that it can take a bit more punishment when having to move positions, or if you find yourself in a bad situation. The side skirt armor was improved for similar reasons and may deflect the odd round, possibly saving your tank in the process.

One of the main playstyles this tank should dominate at is hull down gameplay. However, its cupola can let it down in this area, so the turret armor has been improved, which should help shrug off some additional rounds. You’ll also see an improvement in the turret rotation speed to help snap onto targets more quickly, along with improved view range to be a little more aware of your surroundings.

The general mobility of the tank has also been improved to help you when moving from location to location. Now, you will be exposed for a shorter amount of time and closer to its “Heavium” playstyle.


  • Turret:
    • Cupola: 152 mm -> 230 mm
    • View range: 390 m -> 400 m
    • Traverse speed: 30 -> 34
    • Frontal armor above gun: 140mm -> 185mm
  • Hull
    • Side skirt: 6mm -> 20 mm
  • Gun
    • Premium ammo penetration: 310 -> 326
  • Health: 2200 -> 2300
  • Top Speed: 42 -> 46
  • Chassis
    • Terrain Resistance: 1.2/1.4/2.1 -> 0.8/1/1.7

British Tier IX Conqueror Heavy Tank

Tier for tier, the Conqueror is probably the best heavy tank in this line and is a player-favorite tank once fully upgraded. It’s currently the most-played Tier IX tank in the game, so this is a case of, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

With that said, the stock gun is a little underwhelming, so we’ve improved the damage output here to help ease the grind for those new to the line.


  • OQF 32-pdr Gun Mk. II
    • Reload: 7.3 -> 6.8

British Tier VIII Caernarvon Heavy Tank

Although this tank was recently updated in Reforged Legends, we can see that some further improvements could be used for this tank. We’ve made additional changes to both guns for improved firepower to go along with its improved armor.


  • Turret 1
    • OQF 17-pdr Gun Mk. VII
      • Reload: 3.8 -> 3.5
      • Accuracy: 0.34 -> 0.32
  • Turret 2
    • OQF 17-pdr Gun Mk. VII
      • Reload: 3.8 -> 3.5
      • Accuracy: 0.34 -> 0.32
    • OQF 32-pdr Gun Mk. II
      • Reload: 7.7 -> 7.3
      • Accuracy: 0.34 -> 0.32

British Tier VII Black Prince Heavy Tank

The Black Prince has everything it needs to be successful; it just needs to get into the fight to use it. With the increased speed and better armor protection, its performance will naturally improve, making this tank more enjoyable to play.


  • Forward Speed: 20 -> 25
  • Reverse Speed: 12 -> 14
  • Hull
    • Upper hull armor: 152.4 mm -> 172.4 mm

British Tier VI Churchill VII Heavy Tank

We’ve improved the grind with a better stock gun and turret combo, along with increased speed. With these updates, this tank should be able to get into battle and be more successful.

  • Speed: 20 -> 25
  • Turret 1
    • Frontal Armor:
      • 88.9mm -> 120mm
    • QF 6-PDR GUN MK. V
      • REMOVED
    • 75mm GUN MK.V
      • Is the new Stock gun
  • Turret 2:
    • QF 6-PDR GUN MK. V
      • REMOVED

British Tier V Churchill I Heavy Tank

When fully upgraded, the Churchill I performs well. However, this tank has suffered from a very poor grind that needed some attention.

The stock gun received improved penetration, the Howitzer received a major increase in shell velocity to help you land shots on the enemy, and one of the 6-pdr guns that wasn’t really needed was removed. We also swapped the upgrade positions of the remaining 6-pdr with the 75mm MK. V so that the guns progressively get better as you unlock new upgrades.


  • QF 2-pdr Mk. X
    • Penetration: 78/121/23 -> 90/121/23
    • Mantlet armor: 101.6 mm -> 120 mm
  • OQF 3-inch Howitzer MK. I
    • Penetration: 38/100 -> 47/110
    • Shell speed: 182/182 -> 380 / 320
    • Mantlet armor: 101.6 mm -> 120 mm
  • Hull armor
    • Upper hull armor: 88.9 mm -> 110 mm
  • Turret 2:
    • QF 6-pdr MK. III
      • REMOVED
    • QF 6-pdr Gun MK V
      • Swapped LVP positions with the 75mm Gun MK. V
      • Mantlet Armor: 101.6 mm -> 120 mm
    • 75mm Gun MK. V
      • Swapped LVP positions with the QF 6-pdr Gun MK V
      • Mantlet Armor: 101.6 mm -> 120 mm
    • 75mm Vickers HV
      • Gun depression: 4 -> 6
      • Mantlet armor: 101.6 mm -> 120 mm
    • Frontal turret armor: 88.9 mm -> 120 mm

Premium Tanks:
British Tier VIII Caernarvon Action X Heavy Tank and
British Tier VIII Paladin Caernarvon Action X Heavy Tank

The Caernarvon Action X has solid armor and mobility but had been falling a bit short in firepower to be as successful as it should on the battlefield.


  • Reload: 5.9 -> 5.6

Premium Tanks:
British Tier VII FV201 (A45) Heavy Tank and
British Tier VII FV201 (A45) Black Edition Heavy Tank

We’ve brought its penetration in line with the buffs previously made to the Black Prince.


  • Penetration: 171/239/38 ->200/244/44

Premium Tank: British Tier VI A43 Black Prince prototype Heavy Tank

Already a solid performer thanks to the high-penetrating gun for its tier, this tank also received a speed increase (but not as much as the Churchill VII, so it has a downside to balance out all the improvements over the Tech Tree vehicle).


  • Speed: 20 -> 23

Premium Tank: British Tier VI British Bulldog Churchill VII Heavy Tank

The British Bulldog received the same speed changes as the Tech Tree Churchill to maintain this Premium vehicle in top fighting shape.


  • Speed: 20 -> 25

On-Track: Chieftain Mk. 6

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Keep watching the News page and our social media channels to see which legendary vehicles will be updated in the next round of Tanks Reforged!