Tanks Reforged! Balance Updates to the K-91 Line!

July 19, 2021

Leave no tank behind. Welcome to Tanks Reforged!

Every two weeks for the foreseeable future, we will be looking at balancing tanks that our community has identified as needing some attention, with the goal to bring them on par with the current caliber.

We will be examining both Tech Tree and Premium tanks from all nations and classes that are in need of upgrades. Stay tuned to see if your favorite tank gets Reforged.

Our first balance pass will go live on July 20th. The first line to be updated will be the one featuring the K-91, Object 430, and Object 416. Due to popular demand, the Tier X T-22 Medium Tank, a Premium tank, will also be part of our initial pass.

Soviet Tier X K-91 Medium


Time to re-evaluate this tank’s caliber— how is the K-91 doing now and where does it fit in compared to its last review?

The overall performance, when compared to other mediums, has seen a drop over the past year. It’s time to upgrade the K-91.

The focus for this K-91 tune-up will be the 100 mm D-46T gun. The K-91 has been known to have solid penetration, aim time, and accuracy stats compared to other Tier X Soviet mediums, but it comes at the expense of reload time.

We’ll be giving the K-91 a decrease in reload time to bring its performance in line with its Soviet medium brothers.


  • 100mm D-46T
    • Reload: 7.9s -> 6.9s

Soviet Tier IX Object 430 Version II Medium

While the Object 430 Version II does not share its bigger brothers’ reload time issues, we discovered that the Object 430 Version II performs better with the stock gun than with the upgraded gun. To address this, we’re swapping the reload and accuracy between the two guns and further decreasing the top gun’s aim time to be equivalent to the aim time on the stock gun.


  • Both Turrets
    • 100mm M-63
      • Accuracy: 0.36 -> 0.38
      • Reload: 8 -> 8.4
    • 100mm D-54U
      • Accuracy: 0.38 -> 0.36
      • Reload: 8.4 -> 8
      • Aim Time: 2.9 -> 2.3

Soviet Tier VIII Object 416 Medium Tank

While the Object 416 has one of the highest DPM guns of all the Tier VIII mediums, the tank’s low profile, light frontal armor, small gun depression, and limited turret rotation make the vehicle terrain dependent.

To address this, we’ve added some additional frontal turret and hull armor protection that can help bounce additional rounds. Furthermore, the hit points of the tank have been increased through all hull and turret configurations.

The turret rotation has been extended to a full 90 degrees in both directions to match the turret rotation on its big brother, the Object 430 Version II.


  • Stock Turret
    • Front armor panel: 110mm -> 140mm
    • Yaw limits: 75 -75 -> 90 -90
  • Upgraded Turret
    • Front armor panel: 110mm -> 140mm
    • Yaw limits: 75 -75 -> 90 -90
  • Hull Health: 880 -> 930
    • Stock Health 1100 -> 1150 (This is the effect of the change noted above)
    • Upgraded Health: 1200 -> 1250 (This is the effect of the change noted above)
  • Frontal Hull Armor
    • 75mm -> 110mm

Soviet Tier X T-22 Medium

The T-22 Medium currently ranks #2 for the highest blocking damage due to its thick armor. Its survivability allows it to out-armor most of the competition.

When a tank is well armored, it is often at the expense of offensive capabilities. For the T-22, what suffered was the reload time.

After its introduction, players’ comments as well as the tank’s in-game performance indicated that the reload time was impairing the tank’s performance.

We’ll be reducing the reload time so that the T-22 can now hold its own alongside fellow Soviet mediums.


  • 100mm D-54TS
    • Reload: 9.4s -> 7.6s

As a heads-up, check out the picture below to see one of the tanks that made the cut for the next Tanks Reforged release!

What do you think of these changes? Which tanks do you want to see rebalanced in Tanks Reforged? We want to hear all about it. Head over to the forums or our Discord server and let us know!