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Tanks Reforged and On-Track: Jagdpanzer E 100

November 8, 2021

German firepower gets an update! Plus, see how On-Track makes it easy to claim the latest reforged Tech Tree vehicles.

Tanks Reforged is the initiative that overhauls vehicles from World War II mode and brings them in line with today’s battle standards.

In the latest edition of Tanks Reforged, we’ve revisited the stats on the tank destroyers in the Jagdpanzer E 100 line, along with several related Premium tanks. These vehicles were built to dominate in an assault. How will their changes help them unsheathe their claws and become the beasts they were mean to be?

Take a look at the rebalancing details below. Then, continue reading to see how to make the Tech Tree vehicles from the Jagdpanzer E 100 line yours with On-Track!


German Tier X Jagdpanzer E 100 Tank Destroyer

The assault playstyle of this TD requires it to expose itself, engage the target, and then pull back into cover. The improved reverse speed will help you fall back into cover a bit more quickly, reducing the time that you are exposed to return fire. This same improvement will be seen throughout this line.


  • Reverse speed: 12 -> 14

German Tier IX Jagdtiger Tank Destroyer

The Jagdtiger has a solid gun that can really put out some damage, but this vehicle doesn’t quite have enough armor protection for the assault-style TD role that it plays. We’ve improved the upper hull armor to be about as effective as the superstructure that provides more reliable protection, while the lower hull still remains the weakest area, which you’ll want to try to keep hidden.


  • Upper hull: 150 mm -> 185 mm
  • Reverse speed: 12 -> 16

German Tier VIII Ferdinand Tank Destroyer

The Ferdinand doesn’t have the same mobility as the others in this line and is more reliant on its armor to stay in the fight. Due to this, we’ve improved the all-around armor of this vehicle to make up for the lack of mobility.


  • View range: 370 m -> 380 m
  • Hull corners and side of main structure: 80 mm ->110 mm
  • Frontal superstructure: 200 mm ->250 mm
  • Upper hull areas: 200 mm -> 215 mm
  • Reverse speed: 10 -> 14

German Tier VIII Jagdpanther II Tank Destroyer

We’re going to talk about the Jagdpanther II and the Tier VII Jagdpanther together, as they’re very similar vehicles that are getting improvements in the same areas.

They both have a playstyle that is between a sniper and an assault tank. They don’t have the concealment to be a sniper and are easily spotted when moving and shooting, but they also have poor hull armor that doesn’t block incoming rounds. This leads to poor survival; in fact, both have the shortest average lifespan for TDs.

To improve their playstyle, we added additional hull armor to provide some protection but not too much, as they have great mobility that they rely on. The one area of mobility that was greatly lacking was the ability to reverse out of danger after shooting, since they could only drive forwards quickly. The combination of the improved armor and reverse speed should provide them with just enough protection as they back out of danger. This should improve their ability to survive and stay in the fight longer to make use of their excellent firepower.


  • Upper hull armor: 100 mm -> 125 mm
  • Reverse speed: 12 -> 18

German Tier VII Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer 


  • Upper hull armor: 80 mm -> 105 mm
  • Reverse speed: 12 -> 18
  • See the General Gun Change section below for more information.

German Tier VI Jagdpanzer IV Tank Destroyer

The Jagdpanzer IV gets some small adjustments to give it a little more damage output and an increase in penetration for its top gun.


  • Reverse speed: 12 -> 14
  • 7,5 cm PaK 39 L/48
    • Accuracy: 0.37 -> 0.35
    • Reload: 3.2 -> 3.0
  • 7,5 cm Pak 42 L/70
    • Reload: 3.8 -> 3.5

German Tier V StuG III Ausf. G Tank Destroyer

We’ve improved the view range and concealment to be in line with the Premium versions of the tank, as well as improved the reverse speed limit to help you back out of danger when needed.


  • View range: 310 m -> 330 m
  • Reverse speed: 10 -> 14
  • Stationary concealment: 0.384 -> 0.406
  • Moving concealment:  0.23 -> 0.26

German Tier IV Hetzer Tank Destroyer

We’ve continued the reverse speed improvements down the line and applied them to the Hetzer.


  • Reverse speed: 11 -> 14

General Gun Change


German Tier VIII Fortress Ferdinand Tank Destroyer

Similar to the Tech Tree Ferdinand, the Fortress receives an all-around armor buff, improved reverse speed, and improved reload to increase its firepower closer in line to the Ferdinand’s.


  • View range: 370 m -> 380 m
  • Hull corners and side of main structure: 80 mm -> 110 mm
  • Frontal superstructure: 200 mm -> 250 mm
  • Upper hull areas: 200 mm -> 215 mm
  • Reverse speed: 10 -> 14
  • Reload: 8.2 -> 7.5
  • Engine HP: 700 -> 840
    • Power/weight: 10.55 -> 12.67

German Tier VIII 8,8cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger Tank Destroyer

We’ve updated the engine’s horsepower to match the changes made to the same engine on other German tanks. This will improve the power/weight ratio so it’s not as sluggish.


  • Maybach HL 230 P 30 engine
    • HP: 700 -> 870
    • Power/weight: 10.05 hp/t -> 12.49 hp/t

German Tier VIII Panzerknacker Auto Tank Destroyer

This TD received the same reverse speed and armor improvements made to the Tech Tree tank as well as improved penetration, so it’s better equipped to deal with the enemies it will face.


  • Reverse Speed: 12 -> 18
  • Upper hull armor: 80 mm -> 105 mm
  • 8,8 cm Pak 43 L/71A
    • Penetration: 212/237/44 -> 234/294/44

German Tier V StuG IV Tank Destroyer

We’ve carried over the reverse speed improvements to the Premium vehicles.


  • Reverse speed: 10 -> 14

German Tier V The Hidden StuG III Tank Destroyer

We’ve carried over the reverse speed improvements to the Premium vehicles.


  • Reverse speed: 10 -> 14

On-Track: Jagdpanzer E 100

11:01UTC Time
23 NOV
9:59UTC Time

On-Track is the in-game event that gives you Silver discounts and a +25% XP bonus on every tank in a specific line. If you want to see how a certain line plays, On-Track is the easiest way to get those vehicles into your garage and experience them for yourself!

This time, On-Track helps you get a first-hand look at the Tanks Reforged changes to the Jagdpanzer E 100 line.

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Keep watching the News page and our social media channels to see which legendary vehicles will be updated in the next round of Tanks Reforged!