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Tank Trade-In Event: Cold War Tanks Join the Program!

May 16, 2022

First Time Ever – Get your new Cold War Premium vehicle with this edition! See the lists below for all the details.

17 MAY
10:01UTC Time
31 MAY
8:59UTC Time

Welcome to the first-ever Tank Trade-In Event with Cold War Premium tanks!

For the next two weeks, trade-in any of your owned Premium tanks from the Trade-In List below for 50% of their Gold value. Then, use that same value to get any of the Premium tanks from the Trade-Up List.

And just like you read before, this special edition marks the first time Cold War Premium tanks will be available (along with the rare T34 Black Edition, because why not?) for you to trade up.

Please note that you can trade-in only one vehicle per transaction.

The Tank Trade-In lasts through May 30th. Take a look at the lists below and get ready to enjoy the ride!

Trade-In Instructions

1. Go to the “Tanks” tab.
2. Select the Premium Tech Tree (LT or L2).
3. Open the Filters (RS Down / R3).
4. At the bottom, activate the Trade-in Filter (green arrows icon).

5. Find the vehicle you wish to purchase and select it.

6. On the “Confirm Purchase” prompt, select “Trade-in”

7. Select the vehicle that you wish to trade in from the reel. Each tank will display if you still have extra Gold to pay or if you will receive Silver cash back.

8. Confirm the purchase.

Trade-In List tanks you can trade for 50% of their Gold value:


Trade-Up List – Premium tanks available for purchase: