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Tank Cup Final Results: Winners + A Special Bundle

December 20, 2022

Find out which team is the ultimate Tank Cup champion and see how you can still make the ELC AMX 90 yours.

The wait is over! After five weeks of head-to-head competition, with four teams battling for victory, the final results are in. The ultimate winner of the first-ever Tank Cup tournament is…


It was a contest for the ages between Team Ragnarok and Team Tigers, but Team Ragnarok pulled ahead with the greatest number of goals scored in the last week. Congratulations!

Final score:

  • Team Ragnarok: 90,346 goals scored during Week 5
  • Team Tigers: 50,550 goals scored during Week 5

If you were on the winning team, check below for information on how to claim your rewards.

And if you weren’t on the winning team, keep reading to the end to see how you can still claim your bundle of Tank Cup glory from the Store.

Tank Cup: Winning Team Rewards

20 DEC
11:01UTC Time
27 DEC
9:59UTC Time

(Information clarified on December 20 – please see the original article) If you played for Team Ragnarok and scored at least five goals during the final week, hooray! Be sure to log in at least once from December 20th through December 26th to get your championship rewards credited to your account:

Go ahead, take a nice, long look at that Medal. You earned it!

Your rewards will appear in your account once you log in during the December 20th – December 26th timeframe.

Tank Cup: ELC AMX 90 Bundle

20 DEC
11:01UTC Time
9:59UTC Time

No doubt: the most coveted prize among all of Tank Cup’s rewards is the ELC AMX 90. With its existing legacy, this French light tank moves quickly, hits hard, and is sure to become another player favorite.

ELC AMX 90_2
ELC AMX 90_2
ELC AMX 90_3
ELC AMX 90_3

And good news—even if you weren’t on the winning Tank Cup team, you can still make it yours! Get it now through January 2nd from the Store along with ALL the Emblems, Inscriptions, and Camos from each of the four Tank Cup teams in the ELC AMX 90 Bundle. At 40% off, it’s a souvenir package you can’t beat!

All Premium vehicle bundles purchased from the Store come with their own Vehicle slot and a mix of standard and Premium ammo. If you want to send any of the bundles below as a gift, make sure that you and the receiver are friends on both your device and in the game.

Tank Cup – ELC AMX 90 Bundle

  • French Tier VI ELC AMX 90 Light Tank
  • Camo: Team Ragnarok (4)
  • Inscription: Team Ragnarok (2)
  • Emblem: Team Ragnarok (2)
  • Camo: Team Hurricanes (4)
  • Inscription: Team Hurricanes (2)
  • Emblem: Team Hurricanes (2)
  • Camo: Team Cyclops (4)
  • Inscription: Team Cyclops (2)
  • Emblem: Team Cyclops (2)
  • Camo: Team Tigers (4)
  • Inscription: Team Tigers (2)
  • Emblem: Team Tigers (2)

12,208 Gold 7,300 Gold

40% Savings


Team Ragnarok Camo / Inscription / Emblem

Team Tigers Camo / Inscription / Emblem

Team Cyclops Camo / Inscription / Emblem

Team Hurricanes Camo / Inscription / Emblem

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first year of Tank Cup for supporting each other throughout the tournament. We look forward to coming back with bigger, better community events, so stay tuned, and keep chasing victory!