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Take Yer Treasures! The Pirates Are Back!

September 13, 2022

Meet your new Captain, get on board our new Challenge, and enjoy Pirate Key Cards.

Pirates ahoy, Commander! And they’ve come to tempt you with treasure unlike any other!

Starting today, hop aboard the latest and greatest pirate-themed experience the Seven Seas has ever seen.

Get the complete details below.

Shiver Me Timbers! Challenge

13 SEP
10:01UTC Time
20 SEP
8:59UTC Time

Grab your drink of choice and head into the battlefield!

Earn Pirate Key Cards, Cosmetics, and an exclusive Medal through the Shiver Me Timbers! Challenge. You can complete it in multiplayer battles only with your World War II or Cold War vehicles.

And here’s a real pearl: You can also complete this Challenge up to three times per account. Once you complete Stage III, you can restart the Challenge and work toward your rewards again!

Get all your details in the table below.



Shiver Me Timbers! I


Place in the top 10 XP earners on both teams in a winning battle

Dead Men Tell No Tales Inscription (1)

Fire In The Hole! Inscription (1)

Thar She Blows! Inscription (1)

Shiver Me Timbers! II


Destroy 20 or more vehicles in any number of battles

Walk the Plank Inscription (1)

Landlubber Inscription (1)

Booty Inscription (1)

Shiver Me Timbers! III


Deal 20,000 or more damage in any number of battles

Jolly Roger Skull Emblem (1)

Pirate Key Card (1)

Talk Like a Pirate Day Medal (1)


World War II mode: Available to Tiers V – X

Cold War mode: Available to all Eras

Available to multiplayer only (excludes Co-Op)

New 3D Hero Commander: Jolly Roger

13 SEP
10:01UTC Time
27 SEP
8:59UTC Time

Let’s welcome the Pirate King! Jolly Roger officially joins the 3D Hero Commander roster, with his three open Skill slots and a +30% Commander XP Bonus.

Note: You can obtain the new Commander in its bundle and in the Commander Reel for the duration of the exhibited timespan. Afterwards, you can recruit it from the Commander Reel.

Jolly Roger Bundle

Jolly Roger 3D Hero Commander



Jolly Rogers

Fetch me me tank, ye blaggards!

Undead pirate #1

Ye mean yer tankard, cap’n? We be at sea, after…

Jolly Rogers



Pirate Key Cards

13 SEP
10:01UTC Time
11 OCT
8:59UTC Time

And if you feel like assembling your very own pirate crew, then feast yer eyes on this treasure.

Twenty-six Commanders inspired by real-life pirates can be yours with a Pirate Key Card! Each Key Card guarantees you a Pirate 2D Standard Commander and at least one Pirate Cosmetic (Emblem or Inscription). You even have a chance to receive one of the following World War II tanks:

Every Pirate Key Card contains groups of items that are at least the same value as the cost of the Card itself! Check out the drop rates:

  • Pirate 2D Standard Commander + 1 Cosmetic: 69%
  • Pirate 2D Standard Commander + 2 Cosmetics: 20%
  • Pirate 2D Standard Commander + 3 Cosmetics: 10%
  • Pirate 2D Standard Commander + 5 Cosmetics + Premium Tank: 1%

Note: The content of the Cards includes seasonal content that is subject to change. We advise you to use your Cards at the time of purchase to receive content from the current drop table. For pricing details for your region, please visit the in-game Store, the PlayStation Store, or the Microsoft Store. Availability may vary by platform and region. Pirate Key Cards are non-refundable.