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Swedish Mediums Follow-Up Review with MaxChaos24

May 21, 2020

It’s time to take a quick look at how the Swedish mediums are performing.

Hello, everyone!

MaxChaos24 here! I’m the Gameplay Expert for World of Tanks: Valor.

Before introducing a new tank line into the game, our design team balances those vehicles to fit the Console ecosystem. Based on community feedback, after a Tech Tree line is introduced, we follow up with a quick overview of their performance shortly after their release. This way, we can make sure they are performing as expected with their current balance and make any tweaks if necessary.

The newest tank line to be added was on March 17, which saw the introduction of the high-tier Swedish medium line featuring hydropneumatic suspension. Now that a month has passed, and plenty of battles have been played, it is time to take a quick look at how they are performing. Were the changes we made good? Bad? Do they need further adjustments? Let’s find out!


Battles and Win Rate

As you can see, the average win rates of the UDES 16 and the UDES 15/16 are fairly high. Let’s see who’s playing these tanks.

  • UDES 14 Alt 5
    • Battles played: 932,382, averaging 18,648 battles per day
    • Average Win Rate: 50.978%
  • UDES 16
    • Battles played: 604,896, averaging 12,089 battles per day
    • Average Win Rate: 52.619%
  • UDES 15/16
    • Battles played: 194,651, averaging 3,896 battles per day
    • Average Win Rate: 54.841%

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