SummerSlam Crew Chests

SummerSlam Crew Chests

July 24, 2020
21 JUL
10:01UTC Time
18 AUG
9:59UTC Time

SummerSlam Chests are here! Each chest contains a WWE Superstar Crew as well as special WWE Emblems, Gold and Free XP.

Each Superstar Crew comes with one or more skills. They won’t be around for long so don’t delay!


SummerSlam Chests include:
• 1 Superstar Crew with one or more skills
• Special WWE Emblems
• Gold and Free XP

In addition, each SummerSlam Chest has a rare chance to award a Premium Tank.

NOTE: Every SummerSlam Chest contains groups of items that are at least the same value as the cost of the Chest.

SummerSlam Chests

Packed with awesome Premium content, the SummerSlam Chests may contain:

  • WWE Superstar Crew (with 1 skill) + 25 Gold + Free XP (500) + 1 Emblem (70% drop rate)
  • WWE Superstar Crew (with 2 skills) + 50 Gold + Free XP (1,000) + 2 Emblems (20% drop rate)
  • WWE Superstar Crew (with 3 skills) + 75 Gold + Free XP (1,500) + 3 Emblems (9% drop rate)
  • WWE Superstar Crew (with 3 skills) + Tank + All the Superstar’s Emblems (1% drop rate)