Summer Celebrations: Premium Consumables Challenge + Discounted Bundles

June 14, 2021

Start your summer party with this Challenge and get these Premium tanks with a discount.

15 JUN
10:01UTC Time
22 JUN
8:59UTC Time

What do you say about fighting your upcoming summer battles with Premium Consumables and an exclusive Emblem?

For one week only, the “Summer Vibes” Chained Challenge will give you the opportunity to earn 20 Premium Consumables and an awesome Emblem for your favorite tanks!

And if you’re looking to unleash the heat upon the enemy, look no further than the discounted World War II bundles below.

Summer Vibes Challenge

This Chained Challenge is split into three stages, where you’ll earn Premium Consumables on your way to the ultimate reward: a retro-looking, Miami-inspired Emblem for your coolest tanks.

Tackle this Challenge in multiplayer PvP battles only with any World War II or Cold War tank you want. No need to worry about Tier restrictions as there are none. Because this is a Chained Challenge, you’ll need to complete its stages in sequential order to advance. So, get your best vehicles ready!

Note: Co-Op does not count toward Challenge completion.

Summer Vibes

Goals Rewards Restrictions
Summer Vibes: I
  • Place in the top ten XP earners on your team in five battles
  • Enhanced Med Kit (5)
  • Enhanced Smokescreen (5)
  • Multiplayer only (excludes Co-Op)
  • Available once per account
Summer Vibes: II
  • Place in the top seven damage dealers on your team in five battles
  • Enhanced Repair Kit (5)
  • Enhanced Hull Patch Kit (5)
  • Multiplayer only (excludes Co-Op)
  • Available once per account
Summer Vibes: III
  • Place in the top seven spotting assisters on your team in five battles
  • Miami Nights Emblem (5)
  • Multiplayer only (excludes Co-Op)
  • Available once per account

Discounted June Bundles

Get up to 60% off these summer-themed World War II bundles. From hard hitters to mobile tanks, there’s a hungry-for-battle vehicle for every occasion!

All Premium vehicles purchased from the Store come with their own Vehicle slot and a mix of standard and Premium ammo.

Fun Under The Sun


60% Savings!

Desert Heat
  • French Tier VIII Nomad Somua SM Heavy Tank
  • British Tier VIII HMH FV305 Artillery
    • Black Skull Emblem
  • Mercenary Tier VIII Turtle Light Tank
    • Cunning Ocelot 2D Standard Commander


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Summertime Faves


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Tigers on the Prowl


50% Savings!