Sherman vs Tiger Mega

Jackal M4A4 FL10
  • uk VII Jackal M4A4 FL10 »
    • Image of 100% Trained Crew 100% Trained Crew
    • 56 Prf. 1930
    • 12 Frt.Prf. 1944
  • germany VI Tiger 217 »
    • Image of 100% Trained Crew 100% Trained Crew
    • 92 Pzgr 39
    • 19 Pzgr 40
  • 30 Days Premium
  • Image of 2 Garage Slots 2 Garage Slots
  • 15 x3 XP Boost
  • 15 x4 Crew XP Boost
5 days left
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Bundle details

The Jackal M4A4 FL10 offers French & British crew training capabilities, on top of 20% Crew, 20% XP and 60% silver earn rate bonuses. Equipped with an accurate and quick firing 4 round autoloader, the Jackal is capable of rapidly removing enemies who cross it's path from the battlefield. The legendary Tiger 217 is the very same machine renowned Tank Ace Otto Carius once commanded in WW2. Now, it awaits another Commander ready to take on the enemy once again in this legendary war machine. Together, these two tanks offer a tremendous value alongside rewarding methods of gameplay. Please note that this bundle can only be claimed one time per account. Boost Ops must be activated in the Ops Tab, and only one can be active at a time. Boost Ops can only be completed in Multiplayer and War Stories.

Info: Item only purchasable once per account. If the item is purchased more than once on the website, it will only be awarded once in the game. Any gold used for subsequent purchases will be refunded to your account as in-game currency.