Paladin Caernarvon Primed

Paladin Caernarvon Action X
  • uk VIII Paladin Caernarvon Action X »
    • Image of 100% Trained Crew 100% Trained Crew
    • Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
    • Improved Ventilation Class 3
    • Vertical Stabilizer Mk 2
    • 50 AP Mk. 1
    • 10 APC Mk. 2
  • 30 Days Premium
  • Image of 1 Garage Slot 1 Garage Slot
  • 15 x3 XP Boost
  • 15 x4 Crew XP Boost
6 days left
20% off


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Bundle details

Smite your enemies aboard the noble Paladin Caernarvon Action X. This British Heavy has an excellent rate of fire, accuracy and gun depression, making it ideal to fight hull down or take and defend elevated positions like the champion it is. Please note that this bundle can only be claimed one time per account. Boost Ops must be activated in the Ops Tab, and only one can be active at a time. Boost Ops can only be completed in Multiplayer and War Stories.

Info: Item only purchasable once per account. If the item is purchased more than once on the website, it will only be awarded once in the game. Any gold used for subsequent purchases will be refunded to your account as in-game currency.