Bellerophon vs Chimera

Inferno Chimera
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Two Mythical heroes charge into battle! The Inferno Chimera has excellent frontal turret armor and a very powerful gun for a medium, boasting the highest damage of all UK Medium tanks. The Bellerophon is that tank that checks all the boxes you want in a Medium. It's a solid, reliable performer to add to your collection. Please note that this bundle can only be claimed one time per account. Boost Ops must be activated in the Ops Tab, and only one of each type can be active at a time. Boost Ops can only be completed in Multiplayer, War Stories and Special Events.

Info: Item only purchasable once per account. If the item is purchased more than once on the website, it will only be awarded once in the game. Any gold used for subsequent purchases will be refunded to your account as in-game currency.