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Blast Off and Earn a Celebratory Emblem!

October 4, 2021

Commemorate the anniversary of Sputnik’s launch with this limited-time Earn Challenge.

10:01UTC Time
8:59UTC Time

Sixty-four years ago today, the human race turned a chapter in its quest to explore the limitless reaches of space. It was on this date in 1957 that Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, was launched. Its success led to a new era in science, technology—and international competition.

Today only, you can commemorate this historic event with the First to Orbit Earn Challenge! Complete this Challenge, and you’ll get a truly stellar Emblem for the occasion.

First to Orbit is available to all tiers and Eras, and it’s available in Co-Op mode as well as multiplayer! You can complete the Challenge up to five times before tomorrow’s server restart.

Aim for astronomical success in battle, Commander! Challenge details are available below.

First to Orbit

Goals Rewards Restrictions
Place among the top seven XP earners on your team in a battle
  • Emblem: Sputnik
  • Available to all tiers and Eras
  • Available to multiplayer and Co-Op
  • Available five times per account