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Game Improvements Coming September 28th

September 24, 2021

Get your first glimpse at the UI changes and more coming in the next major update!


World of Tanks: Modern Armor is constantly changing. With recent initiatives like the Tanks Reforged balance updates and the return of newly refreshed maps, we’re proud to continue evolving this game into the greatest battlefield experience available.

Today, we’re giving you an early look at changes coming in the September 28th update, with the full update notes coming next Monday, September 27th.

Click on a topic below to jump ahead and learn more about it, or just read on to get the full picture!

Tech Tree

A revamped horizontally oriented Tech Tree is coming to help you see your path through every line of tanks more clearly.


Starting September 28th, when you reach 100% Damage Standing in a tank, the decals for your tank’s Marks of Excellence (MoE) will turn gold, showing off your expertise to everyone. Get ready to roll out and do your best, Ace!


The game’s UI will be getting an aesthetics update with newly stylized art and new selection indicators for cleaner, easier navigation.

Below are shots of the Efficiency and Performance reports on the updated Post-Battle Results Screen (PBRS).

Efficiency Report

Performance Report


When you’re playing in World War II mode, you’ll now see a “Plays Up to Tier [#]” display for each tank in your garage, informing you which tiers the tanks you encounter in battle will be.


The battle HUD will be getting several updates to help you fight your best battles.

The HUD will use round icons for each base in all game modes except Team Destruction.


Additionally, you’ll see grid coordinates displayed near your mini-map, as well as elevation indicators on the mini-map itself (arrows added to show the location of the indicators):

  • A triangle above a tank’s icon indicates that the tank is at a higher elevation than you.
  • A triangle below a tank’s icon indicates that the tank is at a lower elevation than you.
  • If there’s no triangle, that tank is at the same or similar elevation as you.

These indicators will be visible on the larger game map as well.

Custom Games

Customs Games will be receiving several highly requested updates on September 28th!

To start, you’ll see improved button prompts before a match begins.

The “Select Tank” button will be colored red if a tank is not currently selected. This will let you know that it’s time to make a choice, Commander!

The text will change to “Change Vehicle” once you have a tank selected.


The “Launch Game” button will turn red as soon as all players have chosen a tank, indicating that the game is ready for you to launch.


The next update is a new option: Room Battle Chat. Turning this option on will allow both teams to talk to each other during a match.


Finally, you’ll also see the True Vision option. This new option gives you the choice to have the Cold War mode vision detection system active during a match.

By default, the True Vision option is set to “Off” for World War II matches and “On” for Cold War matches.

Upgrade Tab

Each tank’s Linear Vehicle Progression (LVP) panel will now show the tank’s Tier or Era and class to give you a more detailed picture of your tank.

Appearance Tab

In the “Skin & Camouflage” section of each tank’s Appearance panel, Skins will now have their own section to make them easier to find.

Replay Browser

Each replay’s thumbnail image will now display the game mode.


Furthermore, while a replay is downloading, the progress will be shown on a button at the bottom of the screen. Once the download is finished, the text on the button will say Play.

As always, join us on the forums or on Discord to talk about these changes. We want to know what you think!