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Road Trip – Japan! Explore and Earn

November 1, 2022

Celebrate Culture Day and get rewarded by reaching each region. Enjoy the adventure!

10:01UTC Time
30 NOV
23:59UTC Time


Here’s how it goes: In celebration of Culture Day, and for the first time in the game’s history, you’ll be participating in a cultural road trip around the island. From Okinawa to Hokkaido, you’ll visit some of our most iconic landmarks and experience their cultural features before returning to Tokyo for your award ceremony!

And the best part: traveling across Japan is easy! All you got to do is earn at least 250XP in multiplayer battles to score 1 point (2 if you win). You need 10 points to complete a stage and move on to the next location. Unlocking a stage will grant you more than just a themed reward!

On your personalized page (the heart of your road trip), you’ll be able to track your progress, see what you can earn along your adventure, and learn more about how each prefecture celebrates Japanese Culture. It’s definitely the best travel guide there is!


Once you return to Tokyo, a special Medal that can’t be earned any other way is waiting for you!

And since we’re in a festive mood, enter the battlefield to get your gift.

It will be activated together with your Japan Culture Day Challenge.

So before we head out, dōzo! Here’s your itinerary and reward list for the trip:



Stage 1 – Okinawa

Japan Flag Voucher

Stage 2 – Nagasaki

Camouflage Voucher

Stage 3 – Shikoku

10,000 Silver

Stage 4 – Osaka

2D Standard Commander – Amaterasu-Ōmikami

Stage 5 – Mount Fuji

Rare – Mount Fuji Emblem

Stage 6 – Iruma 

30% Discount on the Senshi STA-2

Stage 7 – Kanagawa

Premium Time – 3 Days

Stage 8 – Aichi

x5 Vehicle XP Boosters (5)

Stage 9 – Tokyo

Inscription – Samurai Spirit

Stage 10 – Saitama

Emblem – Bonsai Tree

Stage 11 – Hokkaido

2D Standard Commander – Inari Ōkami

Stage 12 – Tokyo

Medal – Cultural Order + 60% discount on the Kaiju O-I


Earn at least 250 XP in battle

1 Point

Win a battle and earn at least 250 XP in battle

2 Points

  • Both game modes (World War II and Cold War) are eligible for this event
  • Only Multiplayer battles are eligible; Co-Op battles are excluded
  • You need 10 points to complete a stage (120 points to complete everything)
  • You can earn your points faster by activating boosters and Premium Account Time
  • You can only get 1 to 2 points per battle as long as you meet the requirements

And remember to frequently visit your personalized progress page to get more information about the locations, rewards, and cultural events associated with each landmark.

Ready to start? LET’S GO!