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NEW: Take On a Six-Season Challenge in RESOLUTIONS

February 16, 2023

Test yourself and earn an unbelievable new World War II Premium tank as the ultimate reward!

14 FEB
11:01UTC Time
30 JAN
9:59UTC Time

We know you’re always up for a new challenge, Commander. But do you have what it takes to complete a Challenge that spans six seasons and lasts nearly a year?

Good. We thought you might. That’s why we’re proud to bring you our latest event: RESOLUTIONS

Resolutions is a journey made for the most dedicated tankers. Starting with the Valiant season, it gives you a chance to get even more from every season you conquer while the event is live.

To get started, visit the official Resolutions website at the link below and log in!

Please note, there are two types of access levels for the website: Full Access and Quick Access.

With Quick Access, you just need to enter your username to log in for a convenient experience. However, some pages and functionality (including your past progress) won’t be available to you at this access level.

With Full Access, you’ll be redirected to fully log in with your PlayStation or Xbox credentials. Once you have successfully logged in, you’ll be returned to the event page, where you’ll be able to enjoy the all the content from the full Resolutions experience, including all your progress.

What’s waiting for you in Resolutions?

It wouldn’t be a journey without amazing stops along the way. Here’s what you’ll find when you enroll on the Resolutions website:

New Premium Tank

Your ultimate reward in Resolutions will be a brand-new tank being developed for World War II mode. We’re not going to share its name here, but we will say that you haven’t seen a tank like this in your World War II battles before.

Every season you complete while Resolutions is live will unlock a new piece of intel about the tank, viewable only on the Resolutions site.

And that’s not all. For each season you complete, you’ll earn a 20% discount on this new Premium vehicle. Complete five seasons, and the tank will be yours for free!

The Resolutions reward tank will be available at the end of the event.


Exclusive Rewards

As amazing as a new tank is, it’s not your only reward. Resolutions also gives you opportunities to earn rewards available only through the event, such as unique Cosmetics and Camos and a special medal for completing all six seasons.


Monthly Challenges

And if you want more ways to earn, you’ll get ‘em. Sign up for new Challenges each month that you can access only on the Resolutions site.

(Added February 22nd: Please note that login Challenges will be assessed using UTC time.)


Progress Tracking

The Resolutions site will keep track of all your stats throughout the season. It also will let you compare your stats from different seasons—can you top your best achievements?

Stats and player data will be synced to the site once every day. That means that you’ll see your info from the most recent sync, even if your stats have changed since then. Don’t worry; your info will be up to date with the next sync!


…and more!

Are you ready to test your resolve throughout 2023? Then head to the Resolutions site at the link below and enroll today. Victory won’t wait!

(Note: Site images are for preview purposes only and may change.)