Console Community: Interview with RenegadeCentral!

June 17, 2020

Get to know a little bit more about one of our WoT Community Contributors!

Commanders! We know how dedicated the World of Tanks: Valor community is to the game. We also know how amazing some diehard community members are at making players at all levels of experience feel welcome.

Today’s Console Community interview throws the spotlight on another one of our Community Contributors. You can find RenegadeCentral almost everywhere you can find World of Tanks: on Twitch, on Discord, on Twitter, you name it. Wherever he goes, he takes pride in making the game as fun for casual players as it is for all the super tankers out there.

What three changes would Ren make to WoT:C if he could? What happened in one of his favorite battles that made it so epic? What made him want to become an official Community Contributor?

Read on to find out all this and more!

Tell us about yourself!

Hello! I am RenegadeCentral but most people call me Ren or RC. My real name is Lee and I’m from Aberdeen, Scotland, born and raised! I’m pretty chill and have been playing games for as long as can remember!

What’s your console of choice?

Xbox… but that’s because I’ve been with them for YEARS! It would feel wrong to change now. XD

When did you start playing World of Tanks?

Just over five years now. I first got into the game on when a buddy suggested a “free to play game on Xbox where you drive TANKS!” and I thought, why not? Worth a try, right?! Never thought the game would come so far and I can say I’m so proud to be a part of this community! Now I’m sitting at 207 days, 13 hours, and 36 minutes time played and 24k battles played!

What got you interested in becoming a Community Contributor?

The community. I love history, tanks, and streaming, and World of Tanks: Valor has it all! :3

What do you like the most about the World of Tanks: Valor community?

People… as with every good community it’s the people that make it!

Out of all the game events and game ops, which has been your ultimate favorite?

It’s gotta be Halloween by FAR! I was born in October and Spoopy month is best month. Also it’s really cool to use unique abilities that are different than we see every day… It makes for some really fun games!

What advice would you give to new tankers?

Never care about stats!!! Always play for fun and when the fun stops, try something different! Also take everything with a pinch of salt as there will always be good games and bad!

What are your five favorite tanks in the game, and why?

  1. Scottish hero tank (when they add one)
  2. T92 HMC
  3. IS-6 Hydra
  4. M53 Equalizer
  5. M48A5 Patton

Can you share a personal tank strategy?

I don’t really have one. I like to brawl so up close but I don’t overcommit. Gotta stick with your team! A lot of the time I’ll relocate to the weaker flank to hold/push the reds back!

What are your favorite World of Tanks: Valor snacks?

Ohhh I drink a lotta water but I try to stick to just the three meals a day. 🙂

What would you like to see added to World of Tanks: Valor in the future?

We gonna do top three!!!

  1. A HORN! A useable horn to honnkkkk at peeps!
  2. Some tanks from other things like the Halo Scorpion & Warhammer 40K tanks would be awesome!
  3. A merit/commendation system to unlock SKINS for parts of your tank! For example: blocking damage totaling 50,000k on Tiger II will get you cosmetic “sand bags” aroud the hull, 5,000,000m for “sand bags” on the Turret and you can do the same thing with barbed wire for ram kills and some bushes on yer tank for concealed kills! This would go on non-premium tanks to give them a little more worth! I really like this idea and it would be great to see WoTC:V’s twist on it. 😀

What is the highest amount of damage you’ve dealt in one single battle?

I can’t remember but I had a really good game in the T92 HMC that left me in a 3v1. I had to shotgun both a Light and Heavy with HE, and with only one AP round left I had to hunt the enemy Arty witch. Then I got the kill, earning myself a Fadin’s Medal and an Ace Tanker!

What are your top five favorite maps, and why?

Not gonna lie, I feel like there are too many corridor maps with not a lotta freedom, but there are a few I love!

  1. Stadt Der Dunkelheit (the Blimps look awesome!)
  2. Steppes
  3. Thiepval Ridge – 1944
  4. Ruinberg – War!
  5. Kasserine

What do you do for fun outside of Tanks?

There is fun outside Tanks????? Huh………

Anything else you want to tell the community?

Again just have fun! Don’t be too serious and always look at the bright side of things, but most importantly, take care. Keep it renegade!

Where can players find you?



On the battlefield on EU


& Lurking in discord:

Thanks so much for talking with us, RC!

Keep an eye out for the next interview, where we’ll showcase another member of the community who believes in playing hard, leveling up, and having fun.

Until next time… roll out, Commander!