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Tier X Ranked Battles: Bring Out the Big Guns!

November 20, 2019

Conquer the Leagues and win War Chests, Premium Time, Silver, and an awesome Camouflage.

27 MAR
17:01UTC Time
30 MAR
9:59UTC Time

Grab your favorite Tier X vehicle and get ready to dominate the new edition of Ranked Battles. Win an awesome array of prizes, and your own personal League Medal, by conquering the nine leagues!

What are Ranked Battles?

Ranked Battles are an opportunity to demonstrate your tactics against opponents and be rewarded for your success. During a Ranked Battles Season, Commanders can test their skills by trying to place in the highest League before the Season ends for bragging rights and rewards!

Your performance and the outcome of battles in Ranked Battles will earn or lose you points towards your ranking. You can move up in Leagues, but you will not be demoted to lower Leagues. Combat takes place in solo 7v7 battles on selected maps using only the Standard Battle game mode. In Ranked Battles, you won’t be charged for tank repairs, so you will see increased Silver earnings compared to battles in Multiplayer.

At the end of the Season, you will earn a medal and rewards based on the League you managed to reach.

League-Based Matchmaking

The matchmaker will first attempt to match you with Commanders in the same league, followed by Commanders in surrounding leagues, and finally, with available Commanders from any league based on how long you have been waiting in the queue.

  • Same-league matchmaking expires after 90 seconds
  • Surrounding league matchmaking expires after 120 seconds
  • Matchmaking with any league begins after 120 seconds

How to Participate

Ranked Battles are unlocked at Tier III, however you must fight with a Tier X vehicle in order to participate. If you own a tank that meets the Tier criteria to unlock the mode, you will see the “Ranked Battles Unlocked!” celebration screen.

Once the season starts, you can find the Ranked Battles mode alongside other game modes when you start up World of Tanks. Ranked Battles are for solo Commanders only. If you are part of a Platoon while attempting to switch to the Ranked Battles mode, you will be asked to leave your Platoon.

To participate in this Ranked Battles season, you will need a Tier X tank.

Ranked Battles: Game Mode Screen

Once you have unlocked the Ranked Battles mode, it will be visible in the Game Mode selection screen. The Game Mode screen will provide the following information about Ranked Battles:

  • Season: The current Ranked Battles season in which Commanders will be able to participate within the duration of the event.
  • Countdown to the end of the season: Commanders will be given information as to when the Ranked Battles season ends.
  • Season rules: Each Ranked Battles season will come with its own unique set of rules.

Earning and Losing Points

Once unlocked, you will need to complete one preliminary battle to be placed into the Iron League. Once placed, you will be able to see how many points you have won or lost after each Ranked Battle.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • 1st Place: +200 Total Points
  • 2nd Place: +185 Total Points
  • 3rd Place: +170 Total Points
  • 4th Place: +155 Total Points
  • 5th Place: +140 Total Points
  • 6th Place: +125 Total Points
  • 7th Place: +110 Total Points
  • 1st Place: +0 Total Points
  • 2nd Place: -15 Total Points
  • 3rd Place: -30 Total Points
  • 4th Place: -45 Total Points
  • 5th Place: -60 Total Points
  • 6th Place: -75 Total Points
  • 7th Place: -90 Total Points
  • 1st Place: +100 Total Points
  • 2nd Place: +85 Total Points
  • 3rd Place: +70 Total Points
  • 4th Place:  +55 Total Points
  • 5th Place: +40 Total Points
  • 6th Place:  +25 Total Points
  • 7th Place:  +10 Total Points

Upon entering a new League, Commanders will receive: +200 Points

Maps and Modes

Abbey Night

Airfield War

Cliff Rain

Ensk – War!

Fishermans Bay – War

Ghost Town

Liberty Fallen

Live Oaks


Mountain Pass – Summer


Rogue’s Harbor

Ruinberg – War

Salvage Yard

Stad der Dunkelheit


Tundra – Winter



Leagues and Rewards

There are nine possible Leagues to join this Season, and the leagues you are initially placed in and can reach as you progress are entirely dependent on how well you play. Depending on where you place by the season’s end, you will score one of the pay-outs below, plus an exclusive medal for the league you placed in.

  • Iron League medal

300 Points to advance to the Bronze League!

  • 50,000 coinsilver
  • Bronze League medal

600 Points to advance to the Silver League!

  • 100,000 coinsilver
  • Silver League Medal

900 Points to advance to the Gold League!

  • 150,000 coinsilver
  • (1) Commander’s War Chest
  • Gold League Medal

1,200 Points to advance to the Platinum League!

  • 250,000 coinsilver
  • (1) Day of Premium Account
  • (2) Commander’s War Chest
  • Platinum League Medal

1,500 Points to advance to the Master League!

  • 1,000,000 coinsilver
  • (1) Commander’s War Chest
  • (1) General’s War Chest
  • (1) Day of Premium Account
  • Master League Medal

1,800 Points to advance to the Senior Master League!

  • 1,500,000 coinsilver
  • (1) General’s War Chest
  • (1) Hero’s War Chest
  • (3) Days of Premium Account
  • Senior Master League Medal

2,100 Points to advance to the Chief Master League!

  • 2,500,000 coinsilver
  • (1) Commander’s War Chest
  • (1) General’s War Chest
  • (1) Hero’s War Chest
  • (3) Days of Premium Account
  • Chief Master League Medal


2,400 Points to advance to the Grand Master League!

  • 5,000,000 coinsilver
  • (2) Commander’s War Chest
  • (2) General’s War Chest
  • (2) Hero’s War Chest
  • (7) Days of Premium Account
  • (1) Grassland Camo
  • Grand Master League Medal


When the Season ends, your total points and highest League attained will be displayed, along with the rewards you have qualified for. You will also still be able to enter the Ranked Battle mode to view the ‘Ladder’ tab after the Season is over. This is useful if you want to check the Leaderboard to see where you finished amongst Commanders in your League, your friends, and your Clan (if you are in one).

You will also receive an in-game medal based on your highest League reached.


Do I move down Leagues if I am experiencing a losing streak?

  • No, Commanders cannot go down Leagues.

Will Ranked Battles take place in the same Multiplayer Matchmaker?

  • No, Ranked Battles will have their own Matchmaking queue to better narrow down Commanders that qualify for the active season

Do I need a Premium Account to enter the Ranked Battles Mode?

  • Commanders can participate in Ranked Battles without premium time

Are there any tank restrictions when playing in ranked battles?  Can I play with premium tanks, be able to use camo, or premium ammo?

  • Other than the restrictions applied to the Ranked Battles at the beginning of the season, you can play as if you were in multiplayer.

Will there be Ops in Ranked Battles?

  • Ranked Battles may have specific Ops.

Will Ranked Battles affect my stats?

  • Ranked Battle matches do not affect stats.

How many battles do I need to play to get placed into a League?

  • Commanders must play 1 preliminary battle in order to be ranked.

Can I platoon with my friends in Ranked Battles?

  • Ranked Battles can only be played solo.

I don’t see Ranked Battles on my Game Menu, how do I unlock it?

  • The Commander must own a Tier III or higher vehicle to unlock the Ranked Battles Mode.

Will I earn Silver and XP in the Ranked Battle Mode?

  • Commanders will earn Silver and XP.

Do I need to pay for Tank Repairs in the Ranked Battles Mode?

  • No, tank repairs are Free.

What is the team size for Ranked Battles?

  • Ranked battles will be 7v7.

After the Season is over, will I be able to see my final position?

  • You will receive a celebration pop up letting you know and you will still be able to enter the mode after the season is over to view the ladder tab.

What game modes are available in Ranked Battles?

  • Ranked Battles only uses the Standard Battle game mode. Assault, Encounter and Team Destruction are not active.

What Tier tank can I use in Ranked Battles?

  • This season will use Tier X tanks only.

How long do I have to collect my rewards?

  • You have 14 days to collect your rewards.