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More World War II Premium Tanks – Get ‘Em While You Can

November 3, 2022

It’s the last time you’ll be able to get these 16 tanks from the Premium Tech Tree, so grab them at a 30% discount!

Attention, Commander: The latest important intel is coming your way!

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we’ll be making select Premium World War II tanks unavailable for purchase in the Premium Tech Tree, and we’ll be doing this in waves over the next several months.

The next wave of tanks will be a selection of Tier VIII Premium tanks being removed from purchase on Tuesday, November 22nd.

However, the tanks below will be available at a 30% discount for two weeks before that date – from November 8th through November 21st. You won’t be able to purchase these vehicles from the Premium Tech Tree starting November 22nd, so grab them while you can!

Please note: These tanks will still be visible in the Premium Tech Tree so that you can see their stats. You simply won’t be able to purchase them. You might, however, see these tanks return for special sales in the future.

And for those players who have wondered what the reason is for this:

Why we’re doing this…

Let’s cover where we are and how we got here.

Originally, there were two types of Premium vehicles: Tech Tree Premiums and Store-Only Premiums.

  • Tech Tree Premiums: These Premium tanks were part of the Tech Tree of each Nation and were always available for purchase. There was only a handful available for each nation.
  • Store-Only Premiums: These Premium tanks were only available in the Store for purchase through Bundles.

Fast-forward a few years to December 2017, when we added a new feature: the Premium Tech Tree (PTT)!

The PTT was designed to display all Premiums that were currently in the game. This provided players a place in-game to look up the armor profile, modules, stats, etc., for Premium vehicles they came across in battle. It was intended to provide players with information in-game so that they didn’t need to visit Tankopedia on the website.

As part of the new PTT, the Tech Tree Premium tanks were moved out of their nations’ Tech Trees and moved into the Premium Tech Tree, where they remained available for purchase. This move caused a feature that was designed to provide players with in-game information to quickly turn into its own Store.

As time went on, more and more tanks were added and made permanently available in the PTT, with there now being 285 Premium tanks available for purchase. This is quite a bit more than the handful of Tech Tree Premiums that we originally started with and has caused issues with various events.

With this in mind, we will be reducing the number of vehicles available for purchase to roughly 100 Premium tanks. This brings it down to a more manageable number while keeping a variety of vehicles available for purchase at any given time.

You may be wondering, why now?

We are currently performing an in-depth analysis of the game, reviewing player feedback, and looking to restore certain aspects of the game that have been lost over the years. This change will allow for better purchase protection for players and more meaningful sales events.

An example of this is buying the tank from the Premium Tech Tree, then finding it a week or two later in a Weekly Deal bundle for 50% off. We want to add back the separation between Tech Tree Premiums and Store Premiums to prevent this overlap of pricing. This allows us to protect players from situations like this where different events or bundles cause price differences for the same item within a short time period.

How will we do this?

We will be doing this in stages by removing a group of tanks over several waves, starting with the highest tiers and working our way to the lowest tiers. We will accompany each wave with a sales event to allow players to make any final purchases they wish before the tanks are removed from sale. Each wave will be spaced about a month apart over the next several months.

What does this mean for the PTT?

The Premium Tech Tree will still function as normal but with fewer tanks available for purchase at any given time. We will still use it for Trade-In Events or special sales events, but now, you have better price protection for your purchases.

Also note that next week, you’ll see another article listing a second group of Tier VIII vehicles being removed from sale from the PTT on November 22nd. However, those will be available for Free XP for one week starting November 15th.

But if you want any of the Premium tanks in the bulleted list above, make sure you get them when they go on sale at a 30% Gold discount starting November 8th!