Post-War Stimulus: Get Your Silver Bonus!

May 6, 2021

Play in a Post-War Era vehicle in Cold War mode and get +10% Silver on every multiplayer battle!

10:01UTC Time
18 MAY
8:59UTC Time


Since World of Tanks: Modern Armor launched on April 27th, we’ve watched with pride and awe as you’ve taken on the immense battles of Cold War mode.

We’ve also been getting your feedback on Cold War mode so that we can improve your battlefield experience, especially as you climb up and conquer the all-new Tech Trees. And we hear you: Even with the increased Silver earnings that Cold War battles offer, more Silver would be great.

So, let’s give your early Cold War tanking career a boost.

From May 7th through May 17th, you’ll get a +10% Silver bonus on every multiplayer and Co-Op battle you play with a Post-War Era tank! No limits on the number of battles!

This is only the first step. As you continue to play in Cold War mode and explore all the other new features that arrived with Modern Armor, we look forward to getting more of your feedback and making continual adjustments so that this game is the best it can be.

Now roll on out and get all the Silver you can!

Post-War Stimulus

Goals Rewards Restrictions
Play a multiplayer battle in a Post-War Era vehicle
  • +10% Silver
  • Available to Cold War mode only
  • Must play a Post-War Era vehicle
  • Available to multiplayer and Co-Op battles